What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture?

I have to give credit to gray. For a color that is so neutral and really neither here nor there it’s really holding its own and STILL a very sought after hue. People want gray in their homes but sometimes get stumped when they have to tie in the rest of their decor to liven up this *quiet hue. So what colors go with gray and how can we jazz up our homes when gray is the feature color?

CR Laine

The obvious choice is to add wall color to coordinate with your gray furniture. You can do so much with gray furniture, the options are really endless. But what paint color is the best choice to cooridinate with gray furniture? Here are some Sherwin Williams colors that go with gray.

Looking at these colors you’ll see Fashionable Gray which will give you a monochromatic, classy look. It’s light, soft and versatile since it’s a fairly quiet color. You off course can incorporate more color into your room with pillows, throws, art and area rugs to bring in just tad more interest to your room. Have fun with this floral damask for drapery or if you’re not that brave, pillows would be perfect.

Manitou Blue is the “in” color now and even a darker navy is an excellent choice but just about any blue will look amazing with gray. The “Re-Blue” as CMG refers to it adds a nice spin on the already very popular blues that we all love.

Now Moroccan Brown is probably a color that you wouldn’t consider for your home but think about it for a minute. What if you have this Berkshire leather chair in your living room? It would look pretty impressive wouldn’t it? I would certainly use a warmer gray fabric for your furniture to tie in the yellow tones or warmness of this particular leather. Can’t you just see yourself sitting in that chair? Cozy.


Fired Brick red will be the hue for you if you want a bolder more modern feel. This red will definitely be the focus in the room so you will really need a super quite piece of furniture to take back stage to this strong color.

So, when you’re purchasing furniture for your home, considering gray is just smart. Like I said earlier, you can dress it up or keep it traditional. There is so much you can do with gray so invest in the best furniture you can afford but also, color is key here.

*Quiet color – when I refer to a “quiet color” it usually just either a soft color or a neutral color that you really don’t notice right off the bat.

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5 Responses to What Paint Colors Go With Gray Furniture?

  1. floridaysmom says:

    I’ve jumped on the gray-band wagon..maybe even a bit overkill, but I love it and it really does go with everything. I’ve mixed it with turquoise and bright orange in my living room with dark woods as well as lime and navy in my sons room…it really is that perfect color.

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Sounds beautiful! Turquoise, great accent color to go with it. That’s actually my next blog post :-)

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  4. archadeckofcharlotte says:

    Great post, informative information for our clients!

  5. Donna Frasca says:

    Thanks Eric and that is one of my most popular posts. Gray is still a very popular color trend.

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