EXCLUSIVE PLUM Color of The Year by Sherwin Williams

Oh Sherwin Williams picked a great color of the year for 2014, Exclusive Plum 6263. It’s exotic, enticing and just delicious!

I bet the first thing you said when you say Exclusive Plum was:

“Great color but what other colors go with Exclusive Plum?”

From looking at the obvious purple undertone of Exclusive Plum you may just think a neutral would be best right?


Wrong! There are so many colors that will look amazing with Exclusive Plum that I literally ran out of room when I designed this graphic. Think outside the box when you’re choosing color for your home and think about these hues as a companion for Sherwin Williams Color of the year.

They are from left to right:

  • Irish Cream 7537
  • Pussywillow 7643
  • Tanager 6601
  • Knockout Orange 6885
  • Yarrow 6669
  • Refresh 6751
  • Papaya  6661
  • Nervy Hue 6917
  • Bona Fide Beige 6066
  • Begonia 6599


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2 Responses to EXCLUSIVE PLUM Color of The Year by Sherwin Williams

  1. I love them all! (So my style and color palette – autumnal bliss.) Although, ‘plulm’? Dipping into the eggnog early this morning, eh? ;)

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