But I Love Sea Salt SW 6204!

Do you love Sea Salt SW 6204?

Of course you do and so do a trillion other people! Is Sea Salt SW 6204 a great color? Yes it is! Should you have Sea Salt in your home? Of course you should but come read a few reasons why perhaps you shouldn’t.


Sea Salt SW 6204 from SW Visualizer

I first want to say that absolutely you should have Sea Salt in your home. After all, it’s a really beautiful color and I’d bet my bottom dollar that you already have it somewhere in your home, perhaps the bathroom? Your bedroom? I’m right aren’t I?

sea salt sw 6204

Sea Salt is typically thought of one of those “coastal colors” that is so very popular now. The name even depicts it, “Sea” Salt, and as it should since it’s pretty darn close to that super amazing soft green that you see skimming the top of the ocean when the light hits it just right. This is the color that we all want in our home because it reminds of us that little piece of amazingness when we were on the beach. It’s a good memory and it makes us happy so let’s capture that feeling in our home with color.

Sea Salt can also be found in other elements of nature as shown in the photograph I have above. The picture is actually not very pleasant. If I told you what it was you’d be grossed out so I’ll just leave it up to your imagination, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? I added some bling to make it just a little more beautiful and to add interest – I don’t know – just trying to get creative I guess.

Anyway, if you look closely at the photograph you’ll see that the patina on the screw is very similar to Sea Salt.  If you look at this other photograph by Jessica Gordon, you also see quite a  bit of Sea Salt in the aged wood.


So you “sea” Sea Salt doesn’t have to be just known as a Coastal Color. It’s all about how you view life and all the colors that are available to us.

Now that I told you all about the wonderfulness of Sea Salt, I’d like to talk about the down side a bit.

As I stated in the very first paragraph, a trillion other people have Sea Salt in their home. Why on earth would you want to be herded into having the same color as everyone else does? Sea Salt is great but trust me when I tell you that there are at least a trillion other colors just as nice if not better. Let me share a conversation I had with a client this past Saturday.

Me: “What color are you thinking about for your bedroom?”

Client: “Oh I don’t know, maybe Sea Salt. My friend has it in her home and it looks really pretty.” (client is a young, single woman)

Me: “Of course she does, so does a trillion other people.”

Client with open mouth: “What?”

Me: Sea Salt is a very beautiful but very popular color. Wouldn’t you love to have a color palette in your home that is just yours?”

Client: “Well, sure!”

Me: “Great! Let me show you some other options that will be just as pretty and a color that I’m sure most people will not have in their bedroom.”

Client: “Ok! What color would that be?”

Me: “How about a soft buttery yellow?”

Client: (quite but thinking about it) “Ok!”

Me: “Great. Let me show you some super pretty colors that will be perfect for your bedroom.

Sold. Done. Complete. Success. I can’t tell you the color I chose for her but I can tell you that is was buttery beautiful.

I see it this way, if your going to hire a Color Expert to choose color for your home, why on earth would you want me to choose a color that everyone else has??????????????

… back to Sea Salt.

Not don’t get in a huff. If you already have Sea Salt in your home, just make it your own. Use it in a different way and NOT as a Coastal Color as most people typically would. I know that is difficult to do but try to train you eye and your mind to think outside the box when it comes to color and the combinations you can use.

For example, I have Sea Salt paired up with Exclusive Plum, the color of the year by Sherwin-Williams. Now how about that? Pretty cool right and not very coastal. THIS, my friends, is how you can make some old new again, plus it looks amazing if you ask me.


So here you have my huff on Sea Salt. What to change the way it looks in your home? Want to choose a beautiful color palette that is all your own? Come on, give me a call or send me an email. You know I’ll make it right for you :-)


About Donna Frasca

Virtual Color Expert Spiritual Channel and Intuitive Writer
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29 Responses to But I Love Sea Salt SW 6204!

  1. Sea Salt + Exclusive Plum = a pretty pairing, Donna!

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Thanks Kelly – that’s just me thinking outside the box – and being a little daring :-) Have a great Memorial Day!

  3. Great post! I don’t have sea salt (it’s not popular here in Finland…or should we say not yet popular :). but I do have a bit of sea foam on one piece of furniture and I have really loved it even if it has been a little out if my comfort zone.

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  5. I’d like it for a bathroom. Not too dark, not too bright.

  6. Donna Frasca says:

    Oh it’s a perfect color for the bathroom and that where I see it most of the time. It’s great for the people who want that spa feel. Pretty color. What color is your bathroom? Believe it or not, mine is earth tones with one big brown accent wall by the tub. Guess I’m setting my self up for the log cabin I want some day.

  7. I think Sea Salt is a perfect neutral color that lets you change out the accent color with ease,each year or season when you want something new & fresh

  8. Donna Frasca says:

    Sea Salt is a very beautiful color and it’s true, you can do so much with it depending on how you accessorize it. Thanks for posting Tina!

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  10. Maureen King says:

    I recently painted a spare bedroom in Sea Salt. I love it! I am trying to select bedding to accent the color of the walls. The room is not very large and can only accommodate a twin size bed.(Not a lot of options in twin size bedding) Flooring is a oak color laminate. Any suggestions for bedding and a color to make walls pop. Thanks!

  11. Donna Frasca says:

    Take a look on the Pottery Barn website Maureen. They have a lot of bedding that will coordinate with Sea Salt. Good luck!

  12. “Coastal” isn’t really my style, but I do like the idea of using Sea Salt for our master bedroom. I would like to do a dark accent wall, and was thinking a charcoal gray shade perhaps? Do you have any recommendations for heading that direction?

  13. Donna Frasca says:

    I’m all for adding a splash of spicy orange next to Sea Salt. Try it 😊

  14. Hi Donna, I have a southwest adobe house and my bathroom is woollied all kinds of colors so I would like to paint it something completely different and I ran across sea salt. All the trim (wood around window, door and closet louvered door) is painted Dunn Edwards Myth 663 which is a true purple, not grayed. I’m hoping to avoid repainting trim because it’s a pain and I don’t think stark white and sea salt looks very southwest. Anyway, I would love your opinion of sea salt and purple and also what is new with color in southwest decor? Thank you very much!!

  15. Donna Frasca says:

    Hi Gayla, I would need to see your home in order to give you a proper response. The fact that your home is “woollied in all kinds of colors” may be a challenge. When my clients have a very colorful house, I usually neutralize the walls. Feel free to send me pictures of your home and we can talk about a virtual color consolation to get you the right colors for your home. Thanks!

  16. Pnina says:

    i have newly painted seasalt walls in kitchen, with extrawhite woodwork. The floor is old white linoleum tiles with tiny, faded pink and green flowers. The cabinets are old yellowing white ikea. I am replacing miniblinds with miniblinds. I am being strongly encouraged to choose mushroom or taupe blinds. But i want blinds that are the color “forest shadow” (by Bali). It’s hard to imagine how forest shadow will look next to seasalt.

  17. Donna Frasca says:

    I’d be careful of “mushroom” anything with SeaSalt. Mushroom can either had a yellow or pink undertone. If it’s pink, it’ll look really bad with SeaSalt. I’m available for Virtual Color consultations if you want my help. My contact information is on this blog.

  18. Karen May says:

    I have Sea Salt on the family room walls and have purchased a very light colored textured gray sofa and 2 recliners, one is a dark charcoal leather gray and the other is a medium gray colored Flexsteel power recliner. Room is 19′ x 13′ with a centered wood burning fireplace. What color carpeting would be best and what accent color would really work well? HELP, I need to order carpet ASAP. Thank you.

  19. Donna Frasca says:

    Just make sure your carpet is not the dreaded pinky-biege. Take a pillow from your sofa so you can coordinate your carpeting. As far as accent colors? Try something different like chocolate brown. That’s going to be my go to neutral for 2017.

  20. Sandy says:

    I enjoyed your article on Sea Salt. It is one of the 4 colors I am trying to decide on. The other 3 are Comfort Grey, Rainwashed, and Contented. What are your other suggestions for color and what are good colors to use in an adjacent room. All the rooms,living room,kitchen and dining rooms are connected.

  21. Donna Frasca says:

    Those are all popular choices from Sherwin Williams but your answer involves a color consultation. Color depends on many factors such as your location, decor, flooring, granite etc. I’d be happy to quote you if you’re interested.

  22. Alison says:

    I have clear maple cabinets with a dark karadon green countertop, and a lot of wood …windows and casings are pine,oak floor and basboards. Can you give me some ideas as to what color to paint the walls.

  23. Donna Frasca says:

    I can’t give that information here Alison. That would have to be a color consolation where I can properly have the space to advise you.

  24. Jae says:

    I love your suggestion of pairing Sea Salt with a spicy orange accent! My fiance and I just bought our first home and the sellers painted almost the entire place Sea Salt. Coastal chic is definitely not our thing but we are going to try to make it work for our bold, contemporary style. For those hot accent colors, what undertones do you think bring out the best in Sea Salt? Like you said, just because everyone uses Sea Salt doesn’t mean we can’t spice things up and make it our own!

  25. Donna Frasca says:

    Love it Jae!!! Go for a darker, earthy green. It’s shades darker than Sea Salt and is the perfect complement next to spicy orange. I have it in my house and have to say, it looks pretty darn good! Know what else I like about it? It’s not the typical blue and gray that you see in everyone else’s home. Go for it!!!!

  26. Christina says:

    Would the exclusive plum and sea salt colors work when living by the ocean?
    I totally love that combination…

  27. Donna Frasca says:

    Sure! If you totally love it then use it. Sea Salt is already an ocean color. The plum, can be your accent color that coordinates with it all.

  28. Lori says:

    Hi Donna
    I have painted my dining room sea salt. I have one wall that has a bumpout wall mount fireplace with wide black trim.
    Looking for an accent color vs spending the money to tile it. My floors are porcelin wood gray/brown. Adjoining rooms are accessible beige.
    HELP….I really want it to pop but look rich at the same time.
    Maybe anesthetic white?? Our trim is very white

  29. Donna Frasca says:

    If you do choose white, go with a warmer white. Some of the cooler whites have a blue undertone.

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