Sherwin Williams colors are #1 in Charlotte

In the beginning of the this year, I recapped the prior year of color so I can  see if there was a pattern. 

What was the most popular colors? 

What paint brand was preferred over the others and why?

I’ve been a Color Specialist in Charlotte, mainly south Charlotte, for four years now and there is one paint brand that seems to be the favorite – Sherwin Williams.

With my expertise in color, clients not only rely on me to choose the right color scheme for them but also choose a paint brand that will hold up for years to come. 

One very popular color was Comfort Gray. It seemed to be a great choice for both the master bedroom and the spa retreat to match. What most of my clients loved about this color was that it changed depending on the light conditions in your room. Sometimes it appeared to be more of a gray and sometimes is looked like a pale blue as pictured in the photograph. It was like getting two colors in one!

Versatile Gray was another popular color. It’s was a great neutral but had a warming undertone that also made this a very lovable color.

As you peek into this powder room, Netsuke was an extremely popular color since it blended so well with most granite countertops, kitchen cabinetry, flooring and just about any decor.

When it comes to choosing color for your home, keep in mind that many of the homes here in south Charlotte have an open floor plan. That means that you can see up to 5 rooms at one time in any given area of your home. It’s imperative that your color scheme flows endlessly from room to room.


So 2011 will be another new year for amazing color. So if you hear yourself saying “I need color for my home” you know who to ask. You can also know that not only will you be getting the right color choices for your home but also a paint brand that is hugely popular here in Charlotte.

If you live near Waxhaw, NC there is a Sherwin Williams store right on Providence Road. I believe they have someone working there that can help you if you just need a color or two. If you need a color scheme for your entire home, you can email me and I can come to your home to design a palette for you!

I have some beautiful new color palettes waiting to be discovered!


UPDATE: Well look at how things change in just over a year! I have to say that although these are great color, Sherwin Williams has now taken the back burner to Benjamin Moore. Why? Because of the color choices. Sherwin Williams has a lot of muted colors with a lot of gray, like the ones mentioned here. The color trend has changed. It seems that my clients in South Charlotte are looking for cleaner, crisper colors and choices other than beige.

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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  1. Donna Frasca says:

    It’s amazing how things change in a year! It seems that the color palette of Benjamin Moore is now in the lead. It’s brighter, fresher more expanded color palette seems to be the paint brand of choice now over Sherwin Williams. It’s really a win win!

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