Savage Color For Your Home

Who doesn’t like the colors of a wild tiger? We see tiger print in shoes, bedding, clothes, wallcovering – just about anywhere and everywhere. Like it that much? Put it in your home. Here’s how.

I like to keep the foyer and hallways a light neutral color. Let’s go with the lightest color in this savage color scheme and use Mansfield Tan by Benjamin Moore.

This hearty green goes with many granite countertops and also complements most kitchen cabinetry.  Medieval Times looks like a good match. This kitchen opens up into the living room so don’t be afraid of using a darker color. You an also add the foyer color to the wall space under the countertop for color contrast if you don’t want too much Medieval Times in the kitchen.

Get warm and cozy with Amber for the living room. It’ll be a nice contrast with the white trim and remember it has to match the kitchen – and it does! Keeping mind that there are three fairly large windows that will add light to this room. Don’t be afraid to use darker colors. You can always lighten up the room by adding beige accents to add contrast.

So many people love red in the dining room but it has to be the right red. No candy apple red in this dining room, it’s more like Southwest Pottery that will add just enough red hue for you. The contrast with the cream color, which is actually the foyer color, is one classy combination.

I incorporated the foyer color in the dining room because usually, the dining room is right off the foyer and therefore, these colors really have to look good together.

DESIGN TIP: When you choose color for your home with an inspiration piece such as this tiger ALL the colors will match. It’s a win win way of choosing color. You can mix and match these colors ANY where in ANY room and it will match. Just keep in mind your lighting. You may want to avoid using a dark color in an already dark room or visa versa.

Keep in mind that the ceilings in this home are not that high so using these strong colors will close it in but so what? It’s gorgeous color and the home is beautiful too! Enjoy you savage inspiration and of course add a splash of tiger print here and there just to remind you where you inspiration came from.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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