Does Your House Look Like A Quilt?


Quilts. Beautiful colors, works of art and yes, very colorful!

But do we want this look on our walls?



We can get great color inspiration from quilts. There are some pretty wild color combinations in the quilting world. Some are soft and muted, some are very bright and look like works of art and some contain just about every color under the sun – which is fine – for a quilt.



This is where quilts belong – on a bed – not on our walls.


Just ridiculous.

I feel your pain though. I’ve been in hundreds of homes where I’ve seen at least a dozen colors splattered all over the walls. I know you want to see what the color looks like but PLEASE DON’T PUT SAMPLE PAINT ON YOUR WALLS!

Why? Because …

  1. If you’re painting on a surface that already has a color on it, the “true” sample color won’t be represented.
  2. You won’t get the true color with just one coat.
  3. White walls? White will bleed through your sample color again, resulting in a poor sample.
  4. Most samples come in a satin finish. You’ll have “satin” blocks all over your wall. You will have to prime before you paint the final color. Most people don’t choose satin as the main sheen for their home.
  5. Light. So you paint a sample color on one wall. What about the other walls? Are you going to paint samples on ALL the walls? Not a good look. Color will look different on each wall depending on the lighting.
  6. What if your home wall is red, and you want to paint it light blue? How many coats of sample paint will you need so the red doesn’t show through?
  7. Time. Something came up and now your painting project is on hold. Now you have a quilt on your walls for everyone to see. This is bad.


Small Wall® paint sample boards.

I highly recommend these boards instead of quilting your walls. I’ve tried just about every sample board available and there IS a difference. Most others are made of a paper, similar to oak tag or mat you’d use for artwork. This is NOT the best way to do it.

Go ahead and click on the Small Wall link and visit their website. Julie Boney, the inventor of Small Wall will tell you her story and how she came up with this brilliant idea.

What can I say about Small Wall? I provide them for my clients. Please trust in the professionals, we use products for a reason – because they’re good!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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