“New Home in Waxhaw Has Fresh Custom Paint” … thumbs up or thumbs down?

As soon as I saw this headline in a tweet this morning, I had to investigate. “Fresh Custom Paint in Waxhaw Home” – what’s that? I followed the link, saw the house and for the most part, I was happy to see color. As in my previous post, you can read how upset I get when homes go on the market and don’t have any color. But is “Fresh Custom Paint” too much color? Let’s look!

Super cute Waxhaw home! White on the outside, which will be pleasing to many people and a splash of color from the flowers for some nice curb appeal. So far so good! Let’s go in.

A neutral two-story foyer. This is very typical of the homes here in South Charlotte and although in most cases they don’t need to be beige, this is just fine. Excellent start in this adorable home.

Ok. Although Mint Green is very popular now in color choice, I really wouldn’t use it in kitchens. Why? Because of the color of the tiles that the Builder uses. They are usually the dreaded Pinky Beige tile or a neutral with yellow undertones. Both these color choices will clash with Mint Green wall color. You can also see that the flooring and cabinets have a yellow undertone so the blue based wall color is really fighting in this kitchen. Kudos for having color in the kitchen but it’s not the right green.

What color would I use? A warm gray. A warm gray will be soft in the background and coordinate with the tile and appliances. The design element to remember about kitchens, is that there really isn’t much wall space to work with so you don’t have to make it a screaming color. Choose  a color that will sit quietly in the background and let the kitchen itself be the focal point. We want to notice appliances, granite and try to make it look as large as possible. Do not use a distracting color like Mint Green in the kitchen.

Moving into the living room. Ok, two things here – one, good that there’s color in this room but two, unfortunately it’s gold. It could be worse but right now, gold is dated and people are wanting it out of their homes. When you look at the outside of this home, you see a cute, very welcoming and updated home so to have this dated gold as the first color you see when you enter, is disappointing. You could have chosen the blue/brown or blue/green color combo here. Perhaps the minty green here?

Under normal conditions, “normal” meaning that you are not going to sell your home, this would be a fun color for the dining room. However, since it’s selling, this is way too unique and dark for the likings of potential new home buyers. Lighten it up!

Here are my thoughts about this home. If I was in the market to purchase a new home and I just did about 5 years ago so the trauma is still fresh in my mind, this is how I’d feel about this home. I’ll list my thoughts as bullets for easy reading:

  • Cute home on the outside. Nice curb appeal, light color for a smaller home, pretty landscaping – so far so good.
  • As I walk in I see a nice big open foyer. Great neutral color that will compliment MY artwork.
  • The kitchen, where I’ll be spending most of my time will definitely have to be painted. I like that it has color and will be ok until I have time to repaint but the green is clashing with the tile. I would want a warmer, softer color to start my day with. I will also like to upgrade to stainless appliances. The white is very dated. $$$$$
  • Great window in the living room, perfect for reading however the dated gold will have to be painted. $$
  • The dark purple paint is making an already small dining room look smaller. I’ll have to prime and repaint for sure. $$$$
  • Final thoughts? The home is in an EXCELLENT location which is key. It’s an average size home for a family and for the most part, move in condition. The only thing I’d have to change is the kitchen appliances and to repaint. Would I buy this home? Absolutely!!!! In this case, I’d definitely try to negotiate the price because it’s a tad high for this size home but it’s a good buy for someone.

If you are interested in this home, it’s a good deal but please contact me to treat those colors. I have some great ideas in  mind and live work just 15 minutes from this location.


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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3 Responses to “New Home in Waxhaw Has Fresh Custom Paint” … thumbs up or thumbs down?

  1. Donna great blog! I couldn’t agree more. Sellers please consult with an expert before choosing colors! What you like as a homeowner maybe less than appealing to buyers and not compliment the rooms.

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Thank you Jamie! When you’re trying to sell a home, a lot of people buy with their eyes. Homes have to look big and color can make or break that look. I agree. Call in a Pro.

  2. Looks like I’m going to need to read up some more but this was a pretty good place to start.

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