Color for the homes in Marvin Creek, Waxhaw

by Donna Frasca

I can’t say this enough  –  I LOVE choosing color for the homes in Marvin Creek! 90% of my clients are there anyway but the homes are just fabulous! Large homes with open floor plans as you know, is what I love to work with.

It’s rare that I get any AFTER shots of my clients homes so when I do, I’m showing them off! Now keep in mind that when I chose color for this particular home, it was a muddy mess and still under construction. I had to visualize some walls that weren’t there yet and configure colors and lighting in my mind because lighting wasn’t hooked up yet either.

DINING ROOM COLOR: On the main floor where it’s crucial that the colors transition well – I started with the dining room. A two-tone taupe looks beautiful with the dark wood. Now keep in mind these clients JUST moved in and as you can see, don’t even have window treatments up yet.

The color has a slight gray/lavender tone to it so it looks perfect with the brushed nickel lighting. Love these sconces to!

I took another picture from a different part of the dining room. See how different the color looks? That’s my friend “Lighting” who I always have to keep in mind when I choose color for these homes.

The dining room progresses to the kitchen just a bit so these two rooms need to relate. Here the kitchen has a gorgeous monochromatic look with a color that was pulled right out of the granite. Since there is so little actual wall space in kitchens, I like to make them blend rather than stand out. Colors that are all so similar or monochromatic make this kitchen appear seamless.

There is a sunroom that branches out from this kitchen that is Creamy Custard, similar to the darkest color you see in the granite. That’s how I tied the two rooms in since they are open to each other.

As you move into the living room, you’ll see blue. It’s not quiet as blue as it is seen here but still blue. Since the kitchen has an orangey base, blue was the natural progression for the living room. I had chosen a grayer blue but the client wanted something a bit “bluer” so we went with a color similar to this.

This was my original choice. Both are pretty but preference rules here.

Moving upstairs to the Master bath, she wanted a spa feel to her retreat. Don’t we all? The problem with this bathroom is the color of the granite – the gold that you seen in EVERY HOME and the typical dark red, standard cabinetry.  Not what I would like to have in my spa retreat but we have to work with what we have.

This green looks a bit minty here but it’s really not. Once you turn the lights on, the color turns very warm. See the color of the lights? Well the little bit of yellowness that you see in the globes projects enough yellowness onto the wall color to get the look I wanted. This is where choosing color is like a science. You have to take a color out of the color you “think” you want because the lighting puts it in there for you. I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s how it works my friends. If I choose the perfect green as seen on the chip, when she turned the lights on this bathroom would be very green which she didn’t want.

She also wanted Tiffany Blue for her bedroom. Well that was not going to work. Tiffany Blue as you know is a very in your face color however, you can still get the look but you have to tone it down a bit. Just like I mentioned in the post by Your Decorating Resource, you can still have a trendy color in your home but you have to just tone it down.

This Marvin Creek home was such a joy to color. If you live in the Waxhaw or Marvin area, contact me and I’ll be glad to help you with your McMansion.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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5 Responses to Color for the homes in Marvin Creek, Waxhaw

  1. Lovely choices, Donna! I know it’s wonderful to get to see it all come together, especially when you are basically working with a shell of a home and it’s all about vision! Well done – have a great weekend, dear 🙂

  2. I like that the bathroom color looks minty – I do love that color! I’m consulting on colors like mad at the paint store, and, the only thing I can go on is the clients NSEW exposure. The lighting will have to be up to them, if paints stores EVERYWHERE had decent lighting we could show the color in it’s correct environment. GRRRR!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I would be super nervous choosing color in a paint store. The only saving grace is most of us (Designers) know what these colors look like in the home and under several light sources which is a HUGE help.

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