When you’re house hunting, look past the color

Just “looking” at something will either make or break an event. We do it at stores when we shop, in restaurants when we eat and really all over. If it doesn’t LOOK good, chances are, it’ll stop right there. I’ve done this countless times at restaurants. If the decor was off, I felt really uncomfortable and left. My husband loves when I do that but hey – that’s what you get when you marry a Designer.

As you know, many of the homes that are on the market have, how can I say this, color that is not exactly the best choice for the home. But we get past it right? Right. Because if you didn’t, you could pass up on thee perfect home.

Look at this custom-built home for example. Super cute on the outside with outstanding curb appeal. Terrific! But – what does the inside look like? Well grab your Real Estate Agent and go take a look! I already took a peek inside and its super cute however, the colors may not be what YOU want to see in a home. Look past it.

For example. Here I have a shot of one of the bedrooms. Nice right? Yes, fairly basic. Decent size room, great big window to let in natural light and a basic beige on the walls. Chances are it’s Contractor’s Beige which is a bit rough and scratchy but never mind that – look past the bare walls (or if it happen to be an undesirable color) because you can make it whatever color you want!

Some people have a really hard time visualizing what great color can do for a room – or house for that matter! Here I have a sample of what this room can look like with a beautiful, coastal blue.



Now this blue was pulled right out of the bedding which is a great thing to do to tie in the look of YOUR room however, blue is the #1 color that my clients ask for to put in their bedroom. It’s relaxing and really goes with so many decor’s.

So, if you’re house hunting, look past the color that’s in the house and just look at the house itself. Keep your mind open to the colorful possibilities that you can put in your new home – and if you buy this one, you’ll know how great the bedroom will look in blue.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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