What paint color should I use for my son’s room?

I’ve been in oodles of homes here in South Charlotte and always smile when I get to the kids rooms. Are they messy? Yes. Do I care? Of course not! Kids rooms are supposed to be messy. Yes I said that but I to yell at my kids to at least try to keep it clean.

Anyway, not only is most of the clutter on the floor in kids rooms but it’s also on the walls, boys rooms in particular. Today, I’m going to suggest to you the best color for a young boys room and I’ll tell you why.

First let’s list a few things that you see in a boy’s room.

  • posters
  • artwork
  • baseball caps
  • plaques
  • trophies
  • a lot of shelves
  • sports memorabilia
  • football helmets
  • the Terrible Towel (see picture)
  • if it can hang, it’ll be there!

Looking at this room you’d think it was a great color for a teenage boy right? It’s blue, but not “baby boy nursery blue”. It’s not too light not too dark – seems ok right? Well, maybe for this particular room. Why? Because of what’s on the walls.

When I’m at a color consultation and in the kids room, I always look at the walls first to see what the kid likes and to see exactly how much stuff is on the walls. Now this room happens to be my son’s room. Don’t judge – I took this picture 4 days before he went to college and 10 minutes after he got out of bed. Still, I know, it’s a mess. However – look what’s on the walls.

You see art and mainly miscellaneous framed posters that share the common colors of blue, black and gray. Those are the main colors that I would work with, for this room, to choose the right color for this boy’s room and it happen to be that gray/blue. I don’t remember the name of the paint color I used in this room (it was 5 years ago and I don’t have the can) but I can tell you it was from Behr and the color was picked matched up to one of the colors that are in the window treatments (from Lowe’s). This blue/gray works for this room.

So what are the typical colors that you may find in a boy’s bedroom? It can be just about any if not ALL colors. This “look” is what I see in their rooms:

So how do you choose color for a boy’s room and tie in the look with just one color? There are a few options here of course but the one I find that works the best is Pearl River by Benjamin Moore in a satin sheen to add interest and clean ability.

Why is Pearl River the best choice for a boy’s bedroom?

  • it’s blue which is a very likable hue for a boy’s bedroom
  • it’s not too light blue so it doesn’t look like baby blue (nursery)
  • it’s light enough to showcase ALL the other colors in the room
  • it’s just dark enough not to show as white
  • the touch of gray adds class and a color he can grow into
  • it’s very universal and can change throughout any decor
  • you’ll see this blue/gray in most posters and artwork
  • it’s still considered a neutral that has a touch of color
  • Any window treatments or bedding will go with this color
  • most importantly, kids like it which makes Mom very happy.

So here you have it! The color that I think is the best for a boy’s bedroom. There can be variations of this color of course depending on lighting and decor but for the most part, it works.

FYI: After painting my son’s room (see the photo) he kept it fairly clean for the first year I painted. I know you’re saying “yea right – no way!” but I kid you not. Are these typical results – heck no but it worked for my kids. I did the same for my daughter’s room and although her room was a tad messier sooner, I was still very happy with the way she kept up her room.

Thoughts to ponder: Does having the right color for a kids room have any effect on  how long he or she keeps it clean? I say yes and I have two living proofs.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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7 Responses to What paint color should I use for my son’s room?

  1. I wish I bought the Classic Colors fan deck before I picked the paint color for my (1-year old) son’s room, because if I had, I may just have picked Pearl River! I found Moonshine 2140-60 in Color Preview, which is similar. I totally agree that it makes sense to choose a color that will look good with everything, grow with them and give them flexibility to change things over time. Nice post :).

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Moonshine is similar but a bit grayer than Pearl River. It’s hard to tell on monitors but look at the deck. You can find colors similar to Pearl River in any paint deck but the key is to make it light with gray/blue as the undertone. Super great color! Thanks Kelly for commenting on my blog. I like your thoughts 🙂

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  4. Such a small world. I was just searching ‘blue gray paint color for boy’s bedroom’, as I want to repaint my son’s toddler room (he’s now six and needs a change). I’m digging the gray/navy/orange vibe and thought a nice blue/gray would look great. I stumbled upon your post and it answered all of my questions. Thanks for your insight!

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