Loving Lennar’s Models in Lawson

Since I live just four miles from the Lennar subdivision in Waxhaw, I wanted to head over to the models to check out the color palettes and see how they were decorated. I’ve been reading the “Lennar in Lawson, the Home of everything’s included®” buzz in the papers and web so I had to see for myself what Lennar is offering in their new homes. With camera in hand, I explored the three models they had. How exciting!

As a Lennar homeowner myself, I couldn’t wait to see both the similarities and differences from my home to the new homes that they’re offering now. What color schemes are they featuring? Upgrades? Floor plans? So exploring I went. Here’s what I found.

Starting with the Bethany model, a traditional Ranch style at  Southern Trail, I was greeted by some very spicy color combined with neutrals and tossed with rich browns. So far, great welcoming colors.

This model had a nice open floor plan on the first floor which is perfect for entertaining or family gatherings. I know that’s one of the prerequisites I had when I bought my Lennar home five years ago.

The layout of this ranch has a great flow and the “Paprika” brown and beige color scheme is echoed throughout the model. It wasn’t until I posted these pictures that it dawned on me why I really liked the colors of this home – it’s because they are very similar to what I have in my own home!

I have Paprika in my office, and that’s a Valspar Signature color that you can get at any Lowe’s Home Improvement store, which just happens to be located right down the road from the Lawson subdivision.  Sherwin Williams is just minutes away also in Waxhaw. It’s good to be convenient to color and a Color Specialist 😉

Color and decor you can customize to suit your own needs. These models are fairly generic when it came to decor as they should be since they have to appeal to many different eyes – eyes of potential homebuyers – yet they have a slight flare of trendiness  here and there to add a spark of interest. Come take a closer look.

This bedroom is dominantly beige with the ever so popular gray touches. It’s a nice size master with a sitting area and three windows to allow for the great Southern light to come in. If you were to “borrow” the look of this room when you purchase your Lennar home, you can add just about any accent color to give this room a nice pop of color.

Don’t forget to bring in your accent color into the master bathroom to tie in the look.

The kitchen in Lawson at St. Ives was amazing! Out of everything that I’ve seen in these models, this island design gets the gold.  It’s lower height and unique design accommodates knees when seated during mealtime or homework nights. I bet the Designer clearly has a family that inspired this design. This is how innovation and great ideas come to life – by living and experiencing what is actually needed in a home. I think hope long gone are the days of the typical, long, straight, boring kitchen island. Big fan of this design. I’ll be sure to let my Kitchen and Bath Designers check it out as well.

Now here is where I scratched my head just a bit – the wall color. You can’t really see it here but it’s a pale, icy blue and I’m going to assume that this is a girls room.

I’ve written a post before on The Colors of Kids Rooms talking about the colors kids gravitate towards when choosing color for their own room. This girl’s room was just a tad off. Girls choose very specific colors and if you take a quick peek at that link, you’ll see why.

The color that was chosen here would have been better for a boy’s room – not because it’s blue but again, for a very specific reason. I really liked this wall color BUT it’s actually The Perfect Color For a Boy’s Bedroom. Read the post to find out why. Otherwise, love the colors of the bedding and drapery which is right on for a girls bedroom.

To incorporate a little more richness into this room, I would have added at least another two curtain panels to give it the needed fullness to accentuate this great window.

I love the two stools for added seating in this room and that also doubles as ottomans. Clever idea!

Color blocking. FANTASTIC IDEA! Just about every home in South Charlotte has a very large bonus room. Sometimes these rooms are used for playrooms, man caves, media rooms, exercise rooms or bedrooms. Either way, you have a lot of wall space and sometimes choosing all one color for it just doesn’t work. Breaking it up with a large block such as this one, brings your eye all around the room. Gray is also another great color choice because it’s so versatile.

The Dining room in the Deer Meadows village was very eye-catching. The blue/gray wall color is VERY sought after as the ever so popular Coastal Color scheme that is still trending very high here in South Charlotte.

With silver accents and the slight light muted wall color throughout, this color scheme is going to be very popular and well liked among the potential homebuyers. Good choice!

Perfect! Did you know that blue is the most requested color for the Master bedroom? This soft gray/blue is a perfect color for this room since it’s appealing to both the Mr. and the Mrs. It’s a very universal color and the decor that can go with this hue is endless.

The boy’s room. I like the way they pulled the color from the curtain panel onto the wall – great way to tie in the look of a room however, those two pillow belong in the girls room.

Accent walls are a great place to highlight a color but choose the best wall in the room and it doesn’t always have to be the wall where the bed is. Don’t you just love that football headboard?

Also – bringing the curtain rod up to the ceiling will elongate the wall and make the room appear larger. Great visual.

Now onto my favorite room in all the models! I’m assuming this is a teens room and it’s gorgeous! I actually heard myself say “nice color!” when I got to this room. The colors are really not represented well here in the photos but you get the main idea.

The smokey lavender and taupe with the black accents are probably something that I would have chosen if I were designing this home.  This room is super cool and I know any teen would love it because these exact colors are usually the ones most requested by girls in the mid to late teen age group. I’d actually like this for my room!

Love the chandelier with a little touch of Goth and the  picture frames to echo that motif. Nice, nice and nice.

Each Lennar model of course had a different layout and color palette. There were some elements that I just loved about these homes yet there were a few very minute details in both decor and layout that we ever so slightly off but I have an extremely critical eye so don’t go by me! These models are a must see!

The great thing about these homes in Lawson is that they are located in a fantastic area. Right across the street from Cuthbertson High School and in a very up and coming area of Waxhaw. I’m so glad to see that the economy is picking up and building is resuming again.

Any of these homes will be an incredible investment for a family. You already know you’re in a good home, great subdivision and now you know that a Color Specialist lives four miles from you to help you with the colors for your home.

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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