Classic Colors We Love

The second you hear Tiffany Blue, what pops into your mind? The gorgeous robin egg blue box of course! Isn’t it amazing how you can associate a company with a color? What color comes to mind when I say Home Depot? Orange right? This association of classic color is excellent for those businesses but when it comes to your home, what classic colors do YOU want?

Is this classic color? It may be. I wrote about coastal colors and blue which are still trending very high here in Charlotte, NC.

CR Laine

Or are soft neutrals the way to go? This too can be classic color because it’s easy to keep your home neutral so you can add a splash of color whenever you want.

CR Laine

I guess the question should be, should we use classic colors in our home or just colors that we really love? Hopefully they are one in the same but I’m guessing they’re not.

Take my home for example. I have a combination of gold, burgundy, pinky beige, brown and paprika in my palette. Sounds awful right? Are these classic colors? No but they are colors that I like and work well with the decor I have in my home. Can you picture me living in a neutral home? Not in a long shot!

So when it comes to choosing color for your home, should you go with color that has some shelf live or just choose color that you love?

Here is a home I recently worked on. They told me they loved blue and were not afraid of color (love hearing that) so this is what I did. These aren’t the exact colors but you get the idea. Is this a classic color palette? Well, yes and no.

Here I chose a fairly neutral color for the kitchen. Kitchens really don’t have all that much wall space and I’m concerned to coordinate the color with the counters and tile so for the most part, it’s a soft neutral. Here it was a warm gray.

To the right of the kitchen is the family room. They wanted it warm and inviting AND it had to look good next to the warm gray kitchen color because this it opens to both rooms.

The dining room also opens to the kitchen to that too had to match but I slowly added more color to this room to balance out what was chosen for the living room – a Mulberry color (that was some gorgeous hue).

The front of the home is a two-story foyer that is open to both the rooms to the left and right. I had to incorporate blue in the home somewhere so in the office it went. See how the front three colors match? If you walk around in these rooms, the colors gradually work with each other and conclude by the foyer where the front door is. Whew! That was some process but my dear color loving people, that’s how it’s done.

So going back to the question, is this classic color? Yes because the color I chose for the kitchen is a warm gray which is classic, very versatile and a popular color choice now. The gold also is classic. It’s not too bright or too 70’s. It’s just right and the reason I love gold, it just looks amazing with just about any decor. It’s the sister color to beige but with just a massive kick in pigment.

As you walk around to the rest of the rooms, they are more fun colors verses classic color. The blue is good because as we all know blue is the #1 choice for a home in some way shape for form. The Mulberry – a super fun color that adds a playfullness to this home.

So to conclude, I think it’s the perfect scenario to combine both classic color and some super fun color choice along the way but as long as it coordinates and makes sense with your home layout. No quilty homes allowed!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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