How To Choose Paint Color for Your Walls

Trying to scramble to get your home ready for entertaining? You want to paint your walls because you know that is the fastest way to transform or update the look of your home. The question is, what paint color do I choose for my home?

Green? Red? Blue? Tan? Orange? Which color is the right color for your home? There are so many factors to consider, lighting, floor color and furniture color just to name a few.

Shown below I have a few examples here of how to choose paint color for your walls. I’m using actual paint color chips by Sherwin Williams, a dark wood floor and a piece of pine doll furniture (don’t laugh) that symbolizes the type of wood that you may have in your home. Here are several looks.

These are all very typical paint colors that you’d see in a home. Nothing fancy or outrageous here, just your average hues. I bet you have one or two of these very same colors in your home don’t you!

The first wall color is Meadow Trail. It’s a muted, fairly dark green that is was a popular color not too long ago. Now, these dark, muted greens are a bit dated especially for the South Charlotte homes where I work.

The second color is Pool House which is a little more popular since it’s a blue but still perhaps a bit too dark for the average home. I should have also told you that these pictures were taken at night so the color will look very different in evening lighting.

Look how both the green and blue look with the dark flooring. If you have a dark brown or walnut flooring, a green or blue would be a great consideration for your wall color. As far as the furniture, again, pine is shown here so there is a nice contrast between the floor and furniture color.

It you’re one of those people who are a bit afraid of color and find comfort in beige or tan than Oak Creek is the color for you.  BUT, BUT, BUT … I want to point out if you go with a orange-tan such as Oak Creek, it will be really close to the color of your pine furniture. Here it will result in a monochromatic look with a high contrast to your flooring, if you want your flooring to be the main feature in your home, which is ok.

Like a little more color? Now again, keep in mind that these pictures were shot in the evening. All you wall color will look very different at night. Habanero Chile is an excellent color to brighten up any room. It’s warm, cozy and a just a super hot color – no pun intended. However, be careful if you put Habanero Chile in your kitchen.  This color will look best with a dark cabinet and do not use it if you have those dreaded orange cabinets.

So what color would look best out of all these Sherwin Williams colors? Well, I like them all, even with the evening glow. If I had to choose one? Yea, I’d go for the Habanero Chile. It’s just so full of life and excitement and to me, that’s what color is all about!

If you don’t want you’re color to be that exciting and just want to stick to a classic color than I’d choose this neutral. It’s Portico from the Concepts in Color Collection and is a very safe, versatile color for your home.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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