Paint Color for 2013. What’ll Be Hot?

It’s that time of year when I look at all the *paint colors that were popular in 2012 and look forward to seeing some new hues for 2013. Here’s a recap of some colors I’ve used in the South Charlotte area in 2012.


Blue. We all know that blue will still be the #1 color choice. From Quiet Moments to Stratford Blue, these two blues were wildly popular. Slate blue was also very popular and I’m sure it’ll remain big for 2013. I’m ready to lay Quiet Moments and Gray Wisp to rest for 2013 and look at other blue options. Navy even popped its head up several times. Once used to repaint a wall unit, several bathrooms and an office. That was a nice surprise that people weren’t afraid of dark color however, one client did ask if it will make his office look darker. My reply was yes but with Manchester Tan on the walls, it’ll be just fine!

Green. For while there, sage greens were very popular. Greens with a yellow undertone yet far enough away from the gross “Pea Green” that really nobody likes. Dune Grass seemed to be a very popular green with Sweet Daphne as a close runner-up. After that, green really didn’t get too far.

Gold. Now this was a nice surprise! I always loved gold but it’s a hard sell to clients because it brings back memories of the 70’s and all the really bad look associated with that time. I can see that but with any color, you have to pick the right hue and pair it up with some newer colors to just revamp the look. Westminster Gold and Barley were enormous this year. I threw these colors out to my clients waiting for reactions and they immediately loved them. I paired these golds up with blue and that made for some handsome color palettes.

Gray. Well, just yes. Too many here to mention. I used mostly the warm grays to light but steered clear of those cool battle ship grays.

Red. The predicted Fall color (more so burgundy) for 2013 – zip, nada, nothing, zero. Not a very “hot” color at all not even in the dining room 🙂 I did use Mulberry once which was awesome.

Beige. Now this was the most wonderful surprise of all! Most of my clients were screaming to get the beige out of their homes! You got it and with pleasure. Nuff said.

Orange. Now this is funny. I’ve had a good number of  clients say that they have the “Dreaded Orange Kitchen” and how can I make it go way? I absolutely LOVE when my clients quote my blogs. That’s good! Back to orange. Used sparingly in playrooms and taken out of the kitchens.

Black. I used it on the lower half of a dining room and a bathroom ceiling – that was it and  I’m fine with that.

Purple. Larger than expected. More so in the beginning of the year which perhaps were remnants from last year. Purple was the number one choice for the Master Bedroom. Magic Potion loves the Master.

Yellow. No. I think the Southern light is just too bright for this hue. Barley, which is not even a yellow, is as close as we got to the sun.

What paint colors do I think will be hot for 2013?

  • Slate blue
  • Teal (green side)
  • Gold
  • Navy
  • Light gray
  • Light, very pale blue for ceilings

What paint colors do I thing will be out for 2013?

  • Beige/Tan/Cream
  • Red
  • Yellow Green
  • Mint Green
  • Black
  • Brown
* paint colors are based on popular choices in the South Charlotte, NC area.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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11 Responses to Paint Color for 2013. What’ll Be Hot?

  1. Miss Murals says:

    I think you are right on. I am really loving a darker teal and just painted my office that color with mustard as an accent color. Plus, I have a huge zebra print mural on one wall. It’s pretty cool. I love more jewel toned blues coming in! 🙂

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Lauri, I used a green teal in a clients home a few weeks ago and it was just breath-taking! She had white trim and a custom area rug echoing similar colors (gold was in the rug so the DR across from the teal room, look beautiful in Westminster) Just like a Van Gough! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. I’m with you in loving the gold comeback! It’s so classic and welcoming (when paired with the right accent colors). Surprised that green was a no-go in your neck of the woods – the natural greens would seem to work well in most geographies (except maybe desert?). With the year of Emerald nearly upon us, I think people will be more open to the color, but we’ll just have to see! Great post, Donna :).

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Thanks Kelly -Gold is more than just a kick-back to the 70’s – it’s a color that makes you feel good. I have it in my home paired up with deep, rich burgundy and well, it looks pretty amazing 🙂

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  4. Really interesting. Though once I envisioned your blues with Manchester Tan I was so taken that I really could not get into any of the other colours properly 🙂

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