Super Bowl 2013 in the Big Easy. Go Catch Your Color!

Photo by Donna Frasca

Photo by Donna Frasca

When I heard that Superbowl 2013 is in New Orleans a huge smile came to my face. Not that I’m a football fan by any means but because I was in New Orleans and had the time of my life! Talk about color! Come see some of my personal photographs from when I was in New Orleans. Please understand I had to disguise the faces in these pictures.

There were feather boas just about everywhere and in every color. I chose the purple one but the fuchsia was in second place. Can you use these two colors in your home? Yes, but sparingly. Pair them up with black, gray or charcoal accents to modernize them and tone them down – a lot!


Photo by Donna Frasca

Devereux Chair by CR Laine

Devereux Chair by CR Laine

And more feathers! Blue still remains to be the #1 hue to have in your home. From turquoise in kids rooms to those light blue-gray coastal colors for the spa bathroom. Teal is also becoming extremely trendy. I’ve used variations of teal for master bedrooms, offices, man caves and dining rooms.


Photo by Donna Frasca

This is an amazing ottoman from CR Laine Furniture. I’ll tell you that I like this piece not because of its color or style but the fact that its color or style will go with so many looks. Does that make sense? In itself it is a beautiful piece but you can freshen it up with creams and yellow for a Southern appeal or combine it with unusual hues like the ones shown in the “band” photo below for a eclectic flair. Experiment with this piece and make it your own.

CR Laine

CR Laine

♬ ♬ Music ♬ ♬ ♫  was everywhere! Just walk down the streets of the French Quarter and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t remember the name of this tiny little bar but look at the colors in it. Off yellow, greens and reds together make for a very festive visual. These are the colors that I’d capture for a Man Cave to watch the Superbowl. They are warm, cozy and very manly. To me, this is an excellent, excellent color palette for the bar, media room, man cave or whatever sports watching room in the house you have.


Photo by Donna Frasca

Here’s another shot inside one of the bars that has similar colors. So you see, if you’re looking for color inspiration for the party room in your home, you’re sure to find it in New Orleans. Have fun! I did 🙂


Photo by Donna Frasca

Here are some colorful terms you’ll want to know before you get to New Orleans.

Say What?

New Orleans Restaurants Guide


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