Just Bought A New House? 4 Ways to Change It Into A Home

Congratulations on your new house! That was a huge step. Now, let’s change that house into a home and we’re going to do it in very simple and affordable steps. What’s the first thing to do? Choose a new color for your front door.


I know as soon as you read that I bet any amount of money that a red door came to mind right? Well you and about 1,000 other people thought of the same front door color. How many thought about blue? Yellow? Brown? Gray? Probably not many and there’s a reason for that. There are so many colors to choose from but you have to know what’s the best for your home by looking at the colors in stonework, roofing and overall look and feel of your home.

FYI: Watch your color choices if you have a Home Owners Association. The color may have to be approved before you start your project.

It’s the same as choosing color for a dining room – red came to mind again didn’t it? That’s ok, the same 1,000 people also choose red for their dining room. It’s my job as Color Specialist in Charlotte to help you break out of the norm and start thinking differently about the color choices for your home.


twoAnother way to change your house into a home is with area rugs. It’s a really very simple way to cozy up a room and also a nice way to add a hint of color here and there. Capel Rug in Matthews is an excellent place to look for an area rug. I can’t stress this enough. It’s imperative to invest in the best you can afford. Don’t go running to a box store and pick out something that’s hanging on the rug rack. It won’t stand the test of time and the quality just isn’t there.

This Mint Hill home has a gorgeous area rug that greets you as soon as you walk in. The colors pick up on the wood tone of the flooring and the wall color. The pattern is beautiful and you can see that it’s a high quality area rug that will last for a very long time.

Color Tip: See how this homeowner took the lighter color from the area rug and used it as an overall wall color? That’s how you tie in the look of a room especially when you have an open concept home like we do here in South Charlotte. Smart and beautiful.


10823 Persimmon Creek, Mint Hill, NC

threeColor  is a given. The right color palette is just magical in a home. I just had a client in the Millbridge subdivision in Waxhaw who recently said to me, “I would have never thought of that color in my home.” So many colors to choose from, just open your paint fan deck and look. Better yet – just look in your home. Pull a color from your area rug, bedding or even Mom’s apron. Keep your eyes open for unusual colors to use.


10823 Persimmon Creek, Mint Hill, NC

Look at the color on this Master bedroom. This is a perfect example of how easy it is to just pull a color from your bedding and put it on the wall. THIS is how you develop a color scheme for your room and tie in the look. Which came first? The bedding or the room color? Only you and I will know 🙂



10823 Persimmon Creek, Mint Hill, NC

Details: While we are on the subject of color, don’t forget to add details to the kitchen. From pendant lighting, a backsplash, glass front kitchen cabinets and to tie in the look  and granite countertop will add instant appeal to your kitchen, the heart of the home ♥

Interested in this Mint Hill home? It can be yours! Contact Cynthia Matheny for information. Need more color advice for your new home? I would be glad to help you with that 🙂

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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