A Valentine’s Day Check List for Men

  • Did you get the chocolate?
  • Did you get the flowers?
  • Are they her favorite flowers? Her favorite color?
  • Did you make the dinner reservations?
  • Did you reserve her favorite table?
  • Do you have a little gift to give her during dinner?
  • Don’t forget to hold her hand.
  • Don’t forget to brush her hair back.
  • Did you get her favorite perfume?
  • Did you go to Jared?
  • Did you hire a babysitter for the night?
  • Did you get the chocolate?
  • Don’t forget to open the door for her.
  • Don’t forget to help her with her coat and her chair.
  • Tell her she looks beautiful BEFORE she puts her makeup on.
  • Kiss her neck and smile.
  • Tell her she’s the best wife/girlfriend a man could have.
  • Tell her she’s a beautiful Mom.
  • Tell her how happy she makes you.
  • Order her meal and drinks for her.
  • Hold her hand at the table.
  • Wait 5 minutes in the car before you go to dinner and remember it’s Valentines Day.
  • Look at the sparkle of her engagement ring and reminisce about the day you gave it to her.
  • Don’t talk about the kids tonight. It’s Valentine’s Day.
  • Smile after dinner.
  • Take her home and hug her at the door like a date night.
  • Give her more chocolate.
  • Have an after-dinner drink. A Sambuca if good for digestion and breath.
  • Give her a foot rub.
  • Tell her you had a wonderful time tonight.
  • Give her another present. Sleep ware perhaps?
  • If she’s tired watch her sleep.
  • If she’s not … remember it’s Valentine’s Day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day!


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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7 Responses to A Valentine’s Day Check List for Men

  1. Very sweet…. although I thought you were going to take this in a completely different direction. You know, sort of a retelling of the ‘honey do’ list.
    – Did you hang that new light fixture in the dining room?
    – Did you repair the leaky faucet in the powder room?
    – Did you remember to actually put your clothes IN the hamper (not the floor)?

    I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day!

  2. OH funny! I thought you were switch it up at the end of the whole post and have just one Valentine gift for him. 😉

  3. cuuute! love this post 🙂

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