You Know your Home Needs Updates When …

I know it’s hard to keep up with a home. There’s cooking , cleaning, the kids and the pets which are all the necessities in a home but also necessary and very important is the upkeep.

There is nothing worse than an outdated home or even worse, an outdated home that suddenly is on the market to sell. You know how these things creep up. One minute everything is fine and dandy, next thing you know you have to put your home up for sale.

Whether you are selling because your husband was offered a new job in a different state, or you need to downsize or upsize, or if you just found the perfect home and you need to move quickly or you’ll lose it. These are all very good reasons so try to keep your home updated, even if it’s a project a month or twice a year, just try.

If you don’t keep up with your home and suddenly have to sell,now you’re scrabbling to get it done and the stress level just went through the roof – which hopefully doesn’t need repairs.

So, here are a few indications that your home may need some updates.

You have a pale green Chenille Bedspread.


Now I know that many people will say vintage is in but I just can’t help thinking about my Grandmother (and that’s not a bad thing) when I see these bedspreads. Perhaps if this was white and the room was a fantastic color with fabulous decor, maybe, but still. It’s a no-go in my book.

You still have the rocker from your first baby.


I don’t care how comfortable it is or what kind of memories it holds for you it’s just not a good look. I’m sure there are formula stains galore on it and the arms of the chair are scraped and worn. Maybe you can re-finish the chair and get new cushioning? There are some really beautiful rockers out there that would be super cute in any home.

You still need to use Draft Stoppers.


I have nothing good to say about Draft Stoppers. This is bad look and I’m sure it helps out some drafty doors but still, can you just get a new door?

Your furniture is so ugly you have to cover it.


If I saw this in someone’s home, I’d be real tempted to take a peek under there to see what they are hiding. How bad can your furniture be that you have to wrap a polyester fabric around it just to hide the ugly? Try to invest in the best quality furniture you can afford. Shop around to furniture outlets or better yet, Estate Sales! Check you local listings for that.

The list can go on and on. From broken verticals to outdated kitchen appliances. Make your home your castle and make it your very best – even if you don’t have to move.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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3 Responses to You Know your Home Needs Updates When …

  1. You touch on some very good points. There is nothing that makes me cringe more when I look at real estate listings online, than homes that clearly were not ready for sale, let alone pictures of the homes. While I understand first hand that it isn’t practical to live in a show place (especially with little ones), it is important to try to keep track of one’s home’s status in terms of updates, repairs, resale, etc…, just in case.

  2. SAA says:

    We purchased our home with the intent to fix it ASAP but with young children the project got away from us. Then the house got so “bad” we either had to fix it to sell or fix it so we could enjoy it. I’m glad we stayed. It’s been nearly a year of renovations but so worth it. And no more ugly furniture either!!

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