How Does A Virtual Color Consultation Work?

The process of my Virtual Color Consultation option is really quiet easy and surprisingly informal. There are no fancy forms to fill out no high-tech, hoity-toity interior design jargon to look at. No intimidating rules and regulations or small disclaimers to read and no complicated computer skills needed to get your color delivered right to your email box.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? So how does this work?  I choose color for your home from the comfort of my office and all we do is send emails back and forth until you are happy with  your color palette. Not endless emails of course but several and this process get expedited surprisingly quick. YES! That’s it my friends and I’ve done dozens of virtual color consultations for clients all over the country (Mexico City too) with great success.

Does it sound intimating? Yes it does to first timers. Are clients nervous to send their hard-earned money to my PayPal account, to a perfect stranger no less, expecting professional color advice? Yes of course! However, with just a few email exchanges I put your mind at ease, answer any questions you may have prior to me helping you and I give you a link that’s on Angie’s List of just some of the testimonials from my virtual clients.

It’s a leap of faith my friends but oh so worth it. How else can you get affordable and professional color advice from a Color Expert without me actually coming to your home? The great thing about Virtual Color Consultations is the affordability and the convenience. I don’t charge the same as if I were to come to your home because of factors such as travel, gas, time and availability are not essential here.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Color Consultation?

Once we build a rapport via email, all your questions are answered and the fee for this service is agreed on you’ll have the first color palette delivered to your email box within 24 hours.

Below is an actual example of one of my virtual clients. I completed this client by not only giving her a virtual color consultation but also giving her a Virtual Decorating service as well. She received a full Interior Design service for a fraction of the cost. How? By taking advantage of my Virtual Consultations.

If this is a service you need or if you have additional questions I would be happy to help you. You can email me at:

Here’s are snip it from a typical email “conversation” between a virtual client and myself.

Hi Donna, 

I found your website while searching for colors to go with the SW Comfort Gray that I just painted my kitchen.  I live out-of-state and would like to see if you can give me a quote on what it would cost for you to make some suggestions for some coordinating 
colors for my living room. Thanks! Shelly

Hi Shelly, 

If you need just 1-2 colors, that would be my Basic Color 
Consultation of $85 which can be paid via PayPal. I'll also need 
some photographs of your room. Comfort Gray is beautiful! Let me 
know if you'd like to proceed.

Hi Donna, 
Yes, I would like to go ahead and proceed. I have never used 
PayPal before so I'm not sure what link to use for this - 
please advise.  

Great! It takes seconds to sign up for PayPal and here's the link you'll need to deposit the fee. Once it's received, I can  
send you a few colors to coordinate with your rooms - don't 
forget those pictures and be sure to add my email to your address book so it doesn't go to spam.

Here are some pics of my kitchen and living room. This is an olderranch home built in 1950. Bought it as a fixer upper and it has been just that !  … (client goes on in detail and describes her 
home, what she wants and all the details that would normally take place in a regular conversation.)

(I proceed with the virtual color consultation and delivered her 
color palette within 24 hours.)
Hi Donna,
Wanted to give you an update. I talked my husband into going out 
of his comfort zone for the livingroom color and we painted it 
C****** P**** as you first suggested.  Wow, what a beautiful 
color!. Really brightened up that dull brown livingroom!  

My husband has said numerous times since I painted it, "I love 
this color". That surprises me since he normally doesn't like darker colors and he likes it even more in the evening.  Now my only 
dilemma is I don't know what to do with all this color.  I hate tosay but I have zero decorating talent (as if you couldn't figure 
that out with the way my house looks). I know you only specialize in "color", is there anyone you know of who might be able to help me out virtually via computer with some decorating ideas?  If so, I would greatly appreciate it.  
Thanks so much for your suggestions - we are very pleased!

decorating service

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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11 Responses to How Does A Virtual Color Consultation Work?

  1. You are so talented and friendly. How does one go about becoming a certified color consultant? Is it through a degree/certified program? I’m interested in pursuing much of what you have described (as I find myself doing it often anyway), but feel as though I need some sort of credentials before offering services. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

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