Color Trends For 2014. Are We Getting Tired of Blue Yet?

With HighPoint Market just days way I can’t help but think about color trends. What will the prominent color be? Red? Blue again? Green again? Or how about purple? Yes! I want to see purple!

juggling color

Now when we talk about color trends that can mean anything from the hottest in fashion or a popular paint color for the year. Of course I’m going to talk about paint color. I’m also starting to wonder, are we getting tired of blue yet?

As pretty as those blue hues are I’m seeing  them in house after house after house. They’re all blue! Pretty yes but starting. to. get. dull. for. me.

“Oh Genie in a bottle, tell us what will be the

next amazing color trend be!”


I’d love our color choices to be like throwing a deck of colors up in the air and the ones that fall – those are yours! Of course it doesn’t work like that but my point being, it sure would be fun and unique to see some new and unexplored colors.

Of course some other safe color will have its run of “look at me” for years but what color will that be? Blue can’t have the ribbon for forever although I guess they made the ribbon blue for a reason.

Do we want to see purple as the next amazing color for your home? I do and I have been using it for years in my clients homes. Strong, bright purples for the kids rooms and soft muted purples for the master bedrooms – super sexy choice by the way.


If purple does become color of the year I can guarantee you it’ll be used in more than just throw pillows and accessories like Designers like to say when the color is just a little too much.

Would you use purple in your home?

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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3 Responses to Color Trends For 2014. Are We Getting Tired of Blue Yet?

  1. You know me, I’m on the purple bandwagon.

  2. Love Gray for the base color to build off and enjoy mixing bolder brights for accents, ie; multiple shades of sea greens and gold with burlap and naturals – or all the many shades of ocean gray blues to teals with splashes of deep fushias and bright whites, for the outdoor living areas. For warmth inside, I think this year calls for purples with sage greens and naturals and earthy accents – branches, wood, rocks and lots of clear glass. I think it is time to enjoy earthiness without it being browns and blues only – time to have vibrancy alive color mixes, in our living spaces. Would love your thoughts.

  3. Donna Frasca says:

    Carroll, that’s a great decryption of color and I agree 100% that gray should be the basis of our palettes right now. Like I tell my clients, along with gray, you can add just about any hue to it either to contemporize a look or keep it traditional. Glad the days of beige are going!

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