Love What you Saw at High Point Market? Here’s How Get the Look in Your Home

I know I have a ton of photographs here from my visit at High Point Market this April but I just have to show you my favorites.

The colors were bright, happy and hues you CAN have in your home unlike Pantone’s Emerald that was just a bit too much in my opinion.

So, come take a look what I have here and let’s talk about it a bit.

CR Laine furniture, Sunbrella and Cococozy winner, winner chicken dinner!!!  Talk about the right color choices! No really, let’s talk about the right color choices.

Ok, first CR Laine furniture.crlaine chairs

I can’t even begin to tell you about the amazing colors I found – like a Spring boutique! Looking at their fabrics you couldn’t help but smile. Pretty amazing that the right choices can do that.

In the above photo you can see part of their Tummus Chair in the “Limitless Indigo” fabric that is %100 linen. This my friends is a must for the home. Not only is it the every to trendy CHEVRON pattern but the Indigo color is just timeless.

If you had to invest in just one piece, I’d say this chair would be a great start. Why? Have a neutral home? This chair will be the little bit of pop you need. Going with the navy trend? This chair would be the perfect addition to continue the look. So many wall colors will also just blend perfectly with the Tummus Chair. Now go shopping!

crlaine coral chair

I also love these chairs by CR Laine. The color is so sweet and fresh. Not many people will lean towards this hue but I think it is the perfect addition to the home that calls for a touch of innocence.

crlaine floral chair The DAUTRY CHAIR! I personally sat in this chair myself, along with Patti Johnson, and can tell you it is very comfortable! By the way, did you notice the wall color? Try Hazel from Sherwin Williams if you like the look.

pattie johnson


“Bright, happy colors like a

bouquet of flowers is perfect for

every home.”

crlaine flowers crlaine green chair crlaine LR crlaine office Don’t you love the dark BROWN wall? When decorating with darker wall color, find a fabric that has a lighter background such as this Calypso Latte. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend. Love that pattern! Again, these pics are still all from the CR Laine showroom.crlaine orange chair

Hello gorgeous! It’s another Tummus Chair but shown in Madison Mellon leather.  This ladies and gents is the perfect accessories to add it your running with the NAVY trend. It’s a must have for the home. It’s kid friendly because it’s easy to clean, smooth lines and just amazingly comfortable.crlaine orange LR I saw a lot of GREEN this year at High Point. Just a BLUE is coming in hot and heavy, will we be swinging towards green? I say yes and that’s ok with me! Many of these greens you see coming in will also complement the blues that you already have in your home so don’t be afraid to go bolder.crlaine pillow crlaine yellow and brown This is very sexy!!! Dark colors combined with bolder hues are a very interesting combination. This Shanghai Chartreuse is one of my faves and I’d have this in my home in a heart beat. I have gold walls so can you imagine the contract with the black and brown? Oh my virtual design ideas how I wish they’d be real 🙂crystal lighting

I found some super stunning lighting along the way and I apologize for not know who this is but look how impressive! Not for the everyday home but very striking.

emerld dress

I thought that I would find a ton of Pantone’s Emerald but surprisingly no – and thank goodness because it belongs here on a dress not on a wall.  Love this dress and although I’m not a fan of wearing GREEN, this would be one I’d consider and another plus is that it’s style would be flattering to most body pillows

Fly fishing anyone? How adorable would these pillows be in the home where there’s a fisherman? Again, ooops, didn’t note who they were but next time I’m bringing my Assistant with me to keep me on track.


Now the JOE collection by Joe Ruggiero was very beautiful. This color palette was one that I have been talking about since 2009 – salmon. It just never showed up because people were thinking it was too close to peach – an 80’s nightmare. I guess you just need a vision to see what we see and how it will work in the home.


Donna Frasca and Joe Ruggiero

Joe_Ruggiero_paprika_sunbrella mr capel_frasca Capel Rugs is a company that I just love and I don’t really know why because I’m not a huge fan of area rugs weird isn’t it? Anyway, they have a Matthews, NC location that is just minutes from my home. I can pop in there anytime I please but find instant gratification just from their website.

Here is a picture of Mr. Jesse Capel himself holding one of his rugs that had a touch of PURPLE in it – from my request. Wasn’t that sweet of him to do that?

Donna Frasca and Mr Jesse Capel

Donna Frasca and Mr Jesse Capel

From the newest line, the colorful braided rug. Can’t you just see this in a girls bedroom? The wall colors are limitless as well. Hello beautiful hues.peacock colorsDING, DING, DING, DING, DING, DING, DING! Now this is my “scratch your head” moment. I thought for sure that these two hues would dominate Market – thought for sure!!! With these colors coming in hot and heavy from Milan. I feel some Designers missed the big boat on this one.

If I had a showroom in Market, I would have blasted in with this line. There were just two showrooms that I found these hues in – and yes – I don’t have the names of either because this one I just missed and the other showroom I didn’t have permission to take pics since she didn’t debut her line yet.


These are the colors of my choice

to trend in 2014 which means it should

have been hot and highlighted in Market for 2013.

purple room Oh purple where were you? I did see several bursts of purple but not as much as I would have expected. I know that you need to exhibit colors that will sell but how about showing the public hues that are on the edge and are still a beautiful choice for the home?  I’d love to design my own line of hues that are new, hot and perfect for the home. They’d also stand out in the crowd from all the other safe options. Ok, I just woke up from my dream 🙂 sharp lighting

I saw a nice array of metallic. Would love to see them come in strong as accents with any color in the home. Loved the brush or satin sheens – no shine for me!

strauss john strauss showroom

It was so much fun to meet John Strauss! He was such a sport letting us play with the pillows – and rest our weary High Point feet!

As far as color, John had a really beautiful green. It wasn’t the “new tree bud” green but almost like looking at a field of grass in various stages of growth. The green was not young nor old but it was vibrant and a very likable color for the home.

strauss pillow fights strauss_frasca_johnson

Great color choice for the bedroom.

strausss green_bedroom_john_strauss_frasca Almost a perfect match to the greens

in the flowers.


I’m running long but I have to add just a few more to note.

high point 2013.005

Blue. Still and yes.

high point 2013.003

I spotted a lot of this color palette. Not sure of it’s staying power for the home but I do see it holding fast in fashion. Pretty and whimsical.


Last, this GORGEOUS rug by Cococozy that shows movement was one of my favorites. This I saw in the Capel Rug showroom and just loved it! I wish I would have spotted this just a few weeks sooner because I was looking for a rug similar to this for my client – would have been perfect. Oh well. Either way, this rug is the right color and style to be a hit in anyone’s home.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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  1. Katie says:

    Wow, you knocked it out of the ballpark for only one day at market! Great selections. I’m a BIG fan of the Sherwin Williams Hazel, as well as the Calypso Latte brown. C R Laine also blew me out of the water.

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