It’s My Birthday! Come Celebrate With Me!

Since I’m in the mood for a little celebrating,  today I’m going to show you the personal side of Donna Frasca. Most of you know me as Donna Frasca, a Color Expert in Charlotte, CEO of Decorating by Donna and Moderator for the Interior Design Community on Google Plus. Today, won’t you join me in 5 decades of reminiscing? Come on! It’ll be fun!

Putting color aside, I’m really a rather black or white person. I don’t really have a gray area (insert gray matter joke here) so when it comes to me, either it’s yes or no, good or bad, like or dislike et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I don’t want to go too far back because we’ll be here forever. I’ll start with the late 1980’s which was the best time of my life! Here I am in my Long Island backyard donna_80'sgetting ready to go to a wedding. Yup! That was 80’s hair my friends and honestly, I miss big hair! Notice the black and white outfit? What? Bows were big in the 80’s and this was an Designer dress!

My first car was a white Chevy Cavalier.

white car

I even had a black and white wedding. This was in my hometown of Port Jefferson Long Island in August 1990. (Anniversary coming up – feel free to send gifts) EVERYONE had black or white on. ALL the decor at my wedding was black and white right down to black roses on my wedding cake with white icing. I remember my Mom saying, “you can’t have a chocolate wedding cake! It has to be white inside!” Oh no it doesn’t Mom 🙂

black and white wedding

Even as recently as this month I bought a black car.

“Is it that my world is so full of color that I need black and white to keep grounded or is it that I need color to balance out that I am so black and white?”

The world may never know!


As birthdays come and go I continue to learn more and more about myself as I reflect on my past. Life is amazing isn’t it and I love that our paths find us no matter what colors we love or where we work or who are friends are. I’ve had an incredible 51 years so far and I’m looking forward to many more things to come … no matter what color they are!

Thank you for joining me in my birthday celebration!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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6 Responses to It’s My Birthday! Come Celebrate With Me!

  1. Love the flashback moments, Donna! I miss big hair, too – I could SO do that look again!!!

  2. Chris Haught says:

    Great trip down memory lane! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Donna! Funny I always drive a black or white car too! Fun post!

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