Unique Finds You May Have Missed at High Point Fall 2013

By now all the posts are coming in hot and heavy about the color trends that were spotted and the most colorful showroom or the most impressive Designer and the next must-have piece spotted by the StyleSpotters but there’s a whole lot more of High Point that no one has mentioned yet. Here are few of my unique finds.

Scandinavian Sofa

Scandinavian Sofa

COLOR. I’m shocked that no one spotted these beauties. I should be a Color Spotter! Can you imagine how amazing these two sofas would be in a room? They really took my breath away and I haven’t seen them appear in any posts yet – and they should have.

Scandinavian Sofa

Scandinavian Sofa

ANIMAL HIDES. These were tucked away at Saddlemans in the Antique and Design Center and they were beautiful. These can be used for so many applications in a room to add texture.


SUNBRELLA FABRICS. Sunbrella is the King of Kings when it comes to fabrics BUT … did anyone see this chair? I forgot what showroom it was in and my next High Point visit  I have to take better notes but still, look at this crazy out of focus fabric! Do I like it? Heck no but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been spotted. I like it because it’s unique and the colors are great and give it an A for originality but my eyes hurst looking at it because it was out of focus. Styles don’t always have to be the pretty. They should be the unique and perhaps the next upcoming trends.


TAXIDERMY.  Now here’s another unusual but super cool find. Taxidermy! How did this NOT get spotted? Is it that it’s politically incorrect to have stuffed animals in your home? Just not pretty enough to blog about? Would PETA disapprove?


I actually bought this piece for my home bar and my traveling partner Laurie Laizure of Customized Walls was chuckling that out of all the gorgeous gorgeous in High Point Market I bought a squirrel. Well a HUGE design niche called the Man Cave was totally missed out on this find which is really big in the design world. He’s going right next to the Jackalopes in my Man Cave


TEXTURE.  I was just crazy in love with these ottomans by Jaipur rugs. How did these beauties NOT get spotted? There was a Design Tech Summit in the same showroom!!!!! Texture is hugely important to add into a room, especially when it has great color.

Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs

RUSTIC DECOR. This has to be one of my favorite homes styles and again, another popular decorating trend that was over looked. How popular is the home on the lake, the get-away-cabin or the retirement home just for two? Very! Hello Baby Boomers! These are a great find from Coast Lamp Mfg a family owned and operated, made in the USA business – overlooked.


PAINTED WOOD. This was very exciting to me. Painted wood was spotted again in the Antique Design Center mostly and this one is by DS Designs.


And probably the most impressive table I found was this painted table, called 61 Candles designed by brothers Nicolas and Ricardo Cardenas Eddy. You couldn’t imagine how amazing this table was unless you saw it. I asked about the unique painting process and the significance of the 61 candles. This was painted in shades of gray and touch of pink oil paint. Major color trend here!!!! This is my A+ find at High Point.


So you see, style spotting is not just finding the prettiest of the pretty in High Point. It’s about looking at color, style, texture and finding out how the product will fit into the home of the consumer or business. You really need to have an open mind, an open eye and be able to choose products that may be missed but may be the next rage in the Interior Design world – and it would be cool to be the one who spotted it.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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