How To Add Texture To A Room

We all know that texture adds interest to a room. The first thing that comes to mind when I want to add texture to a room are pillows. They come in countless colors and anything from fluffy and frilly to leather or suede.



Baskets are also an obvious choice and as you know they range in texture depending on the size and style of your basket.



How about adding texture to your walls? That’s right! Adding textured wall coverings is not only beautiful but easy to install too. This one is a “paint it yourself rustic brick” which I like because you can make it any color you wish. Come take a look at how  Dreamwalls, a specialist in Imitation Faux Brick, Faux stone, Faux slate, and contemporary wall panels and add beauty and texture to your home.



Doesn’t this stone look real? Picture this by your fireplace or an accent wall in your home. It would be a great neutral backdrop for those of you who have substantial color in the rest of your room.

Piedra Arida Stone

Piedra Arida Stone

And talk about a conversational piece! Look at the texture here and with this in your room, you really need very little as far a decor. Let this wall be the feature in the room.

I particularly love this panel because of the colors. You have the option to pull out any of the hues you see here and bring them out into the rest of your room.



How pretty would this look? It would be stunning for sure!

purple_colors At first when I saw these panels I though they look amazing but I’m sure they are really hard to install … or not. Come look at this Youtube video and see exactly how easy they are to install.

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