Silvermist (SW) 7621

Silvermist (SW) 7621

Silvermist is one of my favorite Sherwin-Williams gray-blues and can be found in the Concepts of Color paint fan deck. This graphic maybe viewing a little bluer than Silvermist but it’s pretty darn close. Great color and it can be used literally anywhere in the home from kitchen to the bathroom. I’ve suggested this color often for my clients and it’s really a top ten in my book. Can you see this color in the rock? Beautiful isn’t it?

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23 Responses to Silvermist (SW) 7621

  1. Would this look good in a home office that is off the Kitchen and visible from the kitchen/family room- the base color of our home (kitchen too) is SW worldly gray.

  2. Delores Breaux says:

    i painted my bedroom & bath silver mist & my new marble shower is white with gray swirls. what color would u recommend for a bath rug under shower door? I like color! Thank You

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Sounds pretty Delores but I’d have to see pictures of your room so I can see what flooring and cabinets you have – it all ties in. I have a Virtual Color Consultation service if you’re interested in that.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Can I use whole wheat in living room and silvermist in the dining room? Rooms run together. Thanks!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I’m not a fan of Whole Wheat. Not sure where you live but it’s a very dated Sherwin Williams color. Look at some of the neutrals in the Colors of Concepts deck they have for a more updated look with Silvermist.

  4. Delores Breaux says:

    How can I send u a picture?

  5. Marcia benjamin says:

    I have an open concept kitchen,dining area and living room in my new condo. I plan on using silvermist color (blue gray) On one wall where the kitchen cabinets are located and also On the island. What color would you suggest to paint the remaining walls that would complement the blue gray colored wall.

    Thank you

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Silvermist is a great color – one of my faves in that family. As far as the rest of your walls, perhaps look at a color that is in your granite – sounds like some type of gray may be safe – it all depends on the color of your cabinets. You can shoot me out an email if you’d like a consult. Just send me a picture of your kitchen so I can see it.

  6. jennifer dove says:

    Hi Donna, I have a question too… 🙂 I am painting the master bath in silvemist, and master bedroom walls are a tan/gray- more tan color…. I want to paint the ceiling a warm blue… any recommendations? I saw Hale blue at BM – but might be too dark.
    Thank you!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Jennifer – ceiling color can be tough. Without knowing where you live, I’d say try a few that you think you’d like but make sure you hold the color sample upside down to see how it looks in the room.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This color looks beautiful in the pictures but when you get it on the wall is it more blue or gray?I would like more of a blue color to paint my living room. Thanks in advance

    • Donna Frasca says:

      This is a GREAT color and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it for both live and virtual clients. That is actually the beauty of this color – it’s so many hues rolled into one. So, depending on your lighting, it can look a little blue one day or green or gray. Use it 🙂

  8. Christie says:

    Hi Donna, I have terra cotta tile floors, my den is Navajo white painted paneling. My living room is SW latte. I want to paint the entry (which views both living room and den) silver mist. It gets natural light. Also visible is brick fireplace which is soft multi hued brick from grays to terra cotta–kind of white washed. Do our think it would blend ok with colors I already have? My sectional is pottery barn everyday tweed-latte. I have blues and greens in den too.

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Yes it should Christie. Your tile and brick is in the “orange” family and Silvermist is in the “Blue” family. They are complementary colors and are close enough to be “friends” in your home. Sample everything out to make sure. Oh this sounds like a blog post to me!!! I might grab it 🙂

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  10. Diana Kewis says:

    I know I’m late seeing this post, but my living room is currently silver mist, my dining room is pale yellow, and my kitchen is respite. (Blue) Completely open concept house, all rooms flow together with only an arch between them. The yellow has got to go, and i love the blue, it was fun at the time but I’m wanting to go more modern farmhouse. Should i just paint all of my walls silver mist, or should I keep the blue and find a coordinating color for the dining room which is between the silver must and respite?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I would love to know what yellow you used. Well, I certainly would not paint your whole house one color, that would be boring and will not define any spaces in your home.

      I’m going to assume that your kitchen does not have that much wall space so there is a limited amount of Respite. That is a VERY strong blue for a kitchen.

      I’d love to see some pictures of your home to tie in the decor but I’ll list a few colors that may work.

      Natural Tan
      Polar Bear
      Chop Sticks
      Useful Gray
      Inviting Ivory
      Rice Grain

      I hope some of them work for you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Donna,
    It took me 11 years to repaint the exterior body of my house from yucky yellow to a bluish-gray with some green undertones. But even after buying 10 samples I am still torn and could not decide on whether I should go with SW Silvermist or BM BoothBay. Just replaced my roof with Owens Corning Driftwood which has speckles of bluish-green, yellow and brown. The overall look of the roof is medium to dark and from a distance the bluish speckles appear more green.
    I would appreciate it so much for a suggestion.
    Amy Yap

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