Some Of The Best Color Combinations Are Found In Nature

I recently came back from a quick visit to Florida. It wasn’t really warm there during my stay oddly enough but it didn’t stop me from catching some beautiful color schemes.

Come take a look at a few of my favorite pictures and look at the colors palettes that I highlighted. This is a prefect example of how you can find beautiful color no matter where you go and just about anywhere you look.

I always have my iPad with me to capture a new look or color combination. Here I highlighted just a few of my favorites. Feel free to bring these colors into your home.

beach colors.001



beach colors.002

Here you have the typical blues and grays that are most commonly seen at the beach. Come take a look at the rest of my photos and see what other amazing color combinations you can find. Remember to look up, down and all around you when you are out enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer, it’s where I get some of my most creative color combinations.

beach colors.003


beach colors.004

Love this peach and brown combination I found on the beach of Singer Island, Florida. This is a perfect example of showing you that there are great color combinations on the beach and they are more than just blues and grays.

beach colors.005

Look beyond the water when you are at the beach. Some of the surroundings have some beautiful colors as well. Just keep your eyes open!

beach colors.006

Look up and don’t forget to look down at the ground when you’re at the beach. Shells and flora are sometimes extremely colorful but you may have to scoot down to notice it.

beach colors.007

This was taken at one of the local parks in West Palm beach by the Everglades. Love the shades of gray here!

beach colors.008

Stronger hues popping in also at the Everglades as seen in these boats. It’s such a nice pop of color when you’re looking at the swampy, serene views. This shot has a nice Nautical feel.

beach colors.011

Believe it or not this picture was taken by a little park area by the beach. Somebody was really using their head when they chose to paint this bench this color.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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4 Responses to Some Of The Best Color Combinations Are Found In Nature

  1. Art Morehead says:

    Awesome color choices Donna, looks like the sun is peaking out today Happy Easter.

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