I Wish I Had A Dime!

Did you ever hear the same phrases over and over again? I wanted to share with you some of the phrases that I hear during some of my color consultations and the comments that I say in return, over and over again.


Comment #1

Client: “But the foyer color is light! It looks like the same Contractor’s Beige that is already there.”

Me: Yes your foyer color is light but it is not the same color as Contractor’s Beige. If you look closely (as I hold up suggested color chip against a Contractor’s Beige wall) you’ll see that Contractor’s Beige is very beige compared to the cleaner, brighter (usually  more gray) color that I’m suggesting for you.

Client: “Oh yeah! Now I see that!”

Comment #2

Client: “You just chose a light color for my upstairs hallway. I can’t really see a difference  from the wall color to my white trim.”

Me: Is’s more important to have the right hallway color then to have a huge contrast between wall color and your trim. I chose a light wall color (usually a creamy white, never pure white) so your hallway will be light and bright and will be very neutral to go with all the bedroom colors that meet up with it.

Comment #3

Client: “I looked at the model home so I have some idea of what colors and decor to use.”

Me: Don’t ever look at your local model home. Why would you want to be influenced by what somebody else has in their home? I never look at model homes because I like to look at YOUR home and choose a color palette that is not altered by any outside influences like models homes or what the Joneses have.

Comment #4

Client: “I have my own painter. They had the best price.”

Me: We all have a budget to work with and I understand that but how about I have my paint team call you just to give you an estimate? I’ve been working with them for three years and I highly recommend them. They are very professional and do an awesome job! I’d hate to see a beautiful color scheme be compromised because of a sloppy paint job. You do get what you pay for and it will cost you twice as much if you have to go back and hire someone to tidy up.”

Comment #5

Client: “I would like color on my ceilings.”

Me: Of course you do! Color for the 5th wall is a great idea but not every home, or ceiling, should have color there. I usually choose ceiling color for dining rooms for drama, living rooms that have a decorative ceiling or bedrooms that have a large tray ceiling. If your ceiling is too low or if there is too much going on in your home visually, I will not suggest color for your ceiling.

Comment #6

Client: “The kids want some crazy bright color for their room.”

Me: As they should, it’s their room. I will have to side with the kids when it comes to choosing color for their room. How exciting is it to have someone ask them what color THEY want for their room and let THEM choose it? It’s just color and only a gallon at that. Let them choose whatever color they want but I will draw the line when I see them suggest black (never happened though) or some really bright, neon color. I will tone that down just a bit so Mom and Dad won’t get blinded.

Comment #7

Client: “I don’t care what color you choose for the master bedroom. If it makes her happy then I’m happy.”

Me: As funny and common as this comment is, it won’t work for me. I need BOTH the Mr. and Mrs. to agree on a color for the master bedroom. You both will be sharing this room and it’s it’s important that you both have some input on the color choice. You don’t have to have a huge conversation with me, I respect your choice to side with her color choices but just suggest one or two colors that you like and I’ll find a happy medium for your both.

I hope that this post answered some of your questions. Have more? I’ll be glad to answer them!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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2 Responses to I Wish I Had A Dime!

  1. No wonder you are so highly recommended, you are so diplomatic; in addition to being talented. Great points and a bit of a chuckle.

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