Virtual Color for The 2nd Floor of Your Home

Designing Virtual color is very much like as if I were actually in your home, the only difference is, I’m not there.

That sounds silly I know but it’s true. With the help of the photographs you send, I still look at your space, architectural features, flooring, tile, lighting and I also need to know where  you live which falls in the category of “lighting”. These are all the elements that I consider as if I were actually in your home, it’s the same concept.


This is not the best picture to work with by any means but it’s still usable. I’ve been in so many homes at this point that there is nothing you can show me inside your home that I haven’t already seen, layout wise that is.

I specialize in designing color for open floor plans so I really know how to break up a space with color, where is should start and where it should stop. The main thing is to have all the color on your first floor so that they are a perfect fit since they will butt up to each other.

See how all these colors work well with each other? You can have a different color in each room of your first level if you want but you have to make sure that they transition well from room to room.


Now when I design color for the 2nd floor in both live consults and virtual, the rules are a little different.

Here is an actual design board from one of my virtual clients. The floor plan is not the best but I can still work with it. I’ve had clients scribble their floor plan on napkins too, is that the greatest scenario, no but all I need to see is how your rooms flow.

2nd floor color.007

When it comes to designing color for the 2nd floor, you can use any color you want in the rooms and they don’t have to coordinate with each other.

You can have a sage green master bedroom, a minty green guest room and lavender in the kids room – color placement doesn’t matter here. What matters is that the hallway color will be light and bright enough and also will be neutral enough to butt up against all the bedroom colors.

In a case such as this home, the upstairs had a huge foyer with odd angles and it opened into most of the home downstairs. The client wanted a darker color here so a gray was chosen instead of a creamy neutral. It all worked out perfectly but extra care has to be taken that the gray, will now work in with all the colors that were just chosen on the first floor.

Both in my live and virtual consults I use a light, creamy color for the upstairs halls because in most cases as we know, hallways are very dungeonous (made that word up I believe) and it really needs to be light. However, every home is studied, this is why I really need to see the best floor plan you can provide, and then the colors are chosen based on those factors.

Is this a crazy process? Absolutely! Can anyone design virtually? Absolutely not! I just love designing this way and have been doing it for years. Would it be boastful if I said I was good at virtual design? No. I think if you do something you love it shows and this is the way I actually prefer to design, virtually. I get to travel the world with out leaving the comfort of my office and love it!!!!

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About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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