Will Green Will Force Gray Out of The Home?

As I was typing my post yesterday on Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green I was thinking about the other colors that will work well with it – of course the orange hue came to mind for me. I was thinking about the gray trend that is also still very present in most homes  and was wondering, if people want green in their homes now will grey be forced out? Gray and green aren’t the prettiest together.


If gray is forced out what neutral will take it’s place?

  • Beige? Oh no you don’t!!!
  • White? No, too stark.
  • Gray? Looks lifeless next to green.
  • Blue? Too tootie-fruitie
  • Yellow? Possibly
  • Pink? Too cotton candyish

So what color will be the next “go to neutral” when green becomes the new hue to have in the home?

I was thinking a warmer shift away from the cool grays to something like this – it’s more than a beige and less than a gold. I just feel that homes will gravitate to warmer more inviting homey colors. Look how pretty this looks with Guildford Green. It’s showing a little peachy here which is fine too but add a little more yellow to warm it up.

What do you think? Kiss gray goodbye?

How striking this would look with white trim and dark wood flooring.



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5 Responses to Will Green Will Force Gray Out of The Home?

  1. Jodi Horner says:

    You had my heart stopped for a second, my dear. I’m on the track right now of doing a lot of green and gray together. Your opinions weigh heavily but I disagree on the green/gray not looking pretty together. I don’t have any completed photos to show you of my stead but here are a few (admittedly luxurious) photos from Houzz that exemplify how very pretty I think the duo are indeed!

    and from Pinterest

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I’m so glad your heart didn’t stop Jodi. Like any color combo, it depends on the green and it depends on the gray but for me, gray is really a last resort to pair up with green. Those pictures you sent are very pretty!

  2. owfotografik says:

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    Will Green Will Force Gray Out of The Home?

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