Color Trends for 2015 -what will they be?

Are you ready for the color trends for 2015?

I love this time of year when we wrap up color for one year and get ready to see the colors for the next. Will the same hues spill over into 2015? Of course they will. Will new hues be introduced? Sure, but what will they be?

Will we continue to see a strong pull towards blue and gray? I’m really hoping that blue and gray will start to take a back burner because in my opinion, both these colors had their run and our retail market is saturated with this look. Don’t get me wrong, I do think they are a great color combo but any color palette that has been around for years needs to step back a bit and let the rest of the color wheel have a chance.


There are Designers that are STILL designing with blue and gray which is fine. Now there are a handful that just go out there and actually experiment with color and win. I’m going to use John Strauss and Carisa Maria as an example. I’ve been following these very amazing Designers for a few years now at High Point Market and via social media and they just get it. Here are some of their designs:


High Point, Fall 2014, John Strauss and Carisa Marie


High Point, John Strauss and Carisa Marie Spring 2014


High Point, John Strauss and Carisa Marie Fall, 2013

Isn’t it refreshing to actually see colors that are not the norm? Yes, of course it is! This my friends, is what makes design exciting and successful.


Now I’d like to talk a little bit about some of the colors and looks that I’d like to introduce into the home for 2015 and it’s going to be green and salmon.

I’ve been FOREVER talking about these two colors, well actually since 2009, and I’m standing strong. Green and Salmon.

Why green and salmon? To start off with, these two colors have an extremely Holistic feel and meaning. You’ve all heard the saying “going green” and of course you all know how the Omega Oils that are found in salmon are so good for you – THAT is what I trying to convey the importance of.

Color will be taking a Holistic and Back-to-Basics approach for 2015, at least that’s what I’m going to promote. Natural colors, color that have Holistic meaning and Healing colors. doesn’t that sound good to you? For me, I won’t be just choosing color because it looks pretty, I’ll be choosing color because it feels good.


GREEN. I know at one point green was a very hard sell as far as color in the home. Why? Because everyone wanted coastal blue. I tried to show my clients all the green possibilities but the gravitation was towards blue – and that’s fine. The client was happy, the home looked gorgeous and that’s what begin a Color Expert is all about – as least part of it.

It’s my job to find out what colors the client wants or needs in the home but it’s also my job to show them other possibilities, and I do but the flock is always towards some type of  blue and gray. We need to change that.

Look at ALL the greens that are available. It doesn’t have to be as bright as this leaf although that would really brighten a room. Think accent wall, furniture, area rugs, table linens, lighting fixtures, drapery, pillows, artwork, accessories or ceiling color. There are oodles of things that you can do to bring in new and interesting hues into the home. Don’t fall into the hum-drum trap for 2015 and choose whatever everyone else is choosing.


SALMON. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I’ve been talking, tweeting, writing, instagraming and just waiting for salmon to come into the home. Now I KNOW this is a very difficult color choice for the home but this is also where you have to trust your Designer.

Do me a favor. Look at the green leaf then look at this “salmon” fabric. Doesn’t that look nice together? People get their hose in a twist as soon as you say “salmon” or “peach” because their mind is programmed to remember the peach and sea foam days of the 80’s which personally, I like. Don’t these two colors look great together? Just think of what you can do in your home if you have these two hues! You can bring in brown, cream and even a touch of Indigo if you have to have blue in your home.


PINK – Now here we go with another tough sell but trust me when I tell you that pink is  a great color to have in the home. I’m laughing at myself because here I am trying to promote all these “new” color choices to you and each time I say that they are a hard sell. They are only a hard sell because society or retail has programmed us to like certain colors by flooding the market with them. These colors are out there but on the back burners. Open your mind and think of your options but certainly give them a chance.


This color below is a pink that I purchased from Valspar it’s called Subtle Purple. Mind you, I am NOT a pink person so this was really against my grain to use in my own home. The color I had in here before was a Paprika also by Valspar so I really reprogrammed myself when I chose this color because that is a major color change.

Keep in mind that it’s just paint color and it’s ok to experiment. You’ll be surprised how nice a certain color will “feel” in a room so choose a color that resonates with you. Make your home different from your neighbors house. Choose your own style, your own colors and more importantly, ask your family what colors THEY like and incorporate those hues into the home. You’ll come up with a pretty cool palette I’m sure. Of course there are some rules to follow, you just can’t throw any color on the wall because Johnny likes it but certainly plan it out and take ALL colors into consideration.

pink office

COPPER. Oh how I wish this finish would take over the home! Look how warm and gorgeous it is! And guess what? Look how amazing it looks with the green and salmon. See where I’m going with this? I bet your not missing blue too much at this point are you? However, if you still have blue in your home or just are crazy in love with blue, of course all this will tie is beautifully as well. I’d just not see blue as the main feature in the home.


RUSTIC.  Texture! Natural! Wood! Bring these elements in the home, liking bringing the outdoors inside.

Look at this pillow from IKEA.  Look at the fabric, the flora that is on the pillow and look at the brown sofa that it’s on. Doesn’t that look warm, cozy and inviting? I think it does and this is the feeling I’d want in my home. As a matter of fact, I’ve had dark brown in my home now for almost eight years.  I have it on one wall in my master bathroom and boy do I have relaxing baths! (see photo)





So to sum this up, as 2015 rolls in I’ll be getting into this more so be ready for Holistic posts and specials posts about what colors we need in our home to help us heal. Sound exciting? You bet it does!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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3 Responses to Color Trends for 2015 -what will they be?

  1. Jodi Horner says:

    I will keep reading and learning with you, my dear! I’m still going strong with my Greens, blues, and grays! With a dash of orange and yellow for accent color:-) I’ll send pics!

  2. Donna, I too am a COPPER LOVER…and always have been. So glad it’s coming back and is much more available in products now! Beautiful post here.

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