No Blue Was Involved in the Making of These Color Palettes

and that’s ok!  I know you love blue but so does your neighbor and their friends and their friends and so on and so on and so on. Don’t you want something different in your home already? I have some really beautiful ideas to show you! Come take a look.


How do you feel when you see this picture? Isn’t it soothing? Wouldn’t you love to capture that feeling and bring it into your home? Of course you do!

Pin pointing the right color for your home is easier than you think. It’s as easy as looking at beautiful picture, and it can be any picture you like we’re just looking at color here not subject matter. So it can be a picture of a baby (which will have great soft neutrals) or flowers, the beach, sunrise or of course my favorite, dusk.

Use your imagination when you look at this color palette. Think soft white trim and ceiling, rich dark wood flooring and perhaps some neutral furniture to make these color pop.  That’s one fine room right there and look, no blue.


You of course can use this color palette in lighter shades of course, it doesn’t have to be this saturated.

Now think about blue for a minute. I’m sure you heard the expression “feeling blue” right? Why on earth would you want to feel blue in your home?

I know you’re about to say that blue is very relaxing and it has a calming effect – and that’s true! I was born and raised on Long Island surrounded by the Sound and amazing beaches on the South fork so I’ve experienced “relaxing and calming” first hand.

Also keep in mind that other colors have the same feeling. Colors like green, pink  soft yellow, soft lavender. Think about how wonderful you feel when you see a sunrise or sunset. Those “Dust to Dawn” colors are very powerful.

Taking it one step further, look at these beautiful fabric colors that I literally put together in five minutes, without thinking. My only deciding factor was to choose colors that resonated with me and that did not contain blue. Gorgeous.

brown_orange green_yellow purple_orange purple_taupe yellow_orange

Digest this and tell me what you think.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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7 Responses to No Blue Was Involved in the Making of These Color Palettes

  1. I love your exploration of these more autumnal colors. My entire house is autumnal (except my children’s room, which are grayed-out versions of colors they chose). The irony is that I just painted my unfinished basement a gray/blue/green (Behr’s Basement and Masonry Waterproofer – ‘Silver Jade’).

    I look forward to this continued series of color.

  2. Good point and excellent examples. I like dusk best!

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