Coral Reef is a color that will feel great in the home!

Coral Reef, Sherwin William’s Color for 2015, is such a great color to have in the home. Before you read this post, I’d like you to first look at all the pictures I have here then take notice of how you feel, what thoughts come to mind and if you have a smile of your face – go …




Crate and Barrel














Crate and Barrel


Crate and Barrel



So? How do you feel? Happy, lifted? Slightly energized? Motivated to use this color in your home somewhere? Feel like wearing this color? These are all emotions that we can experience from looking at color. If you said yes to any of those questions, then you need to get Coral Reef in your home or in your closet right away.

I personally love this color or anything that comes close to it. Do I have it in my home? Yes, a VERY similar color by Behr called Guava Jam and it’s in my Daughters’ room. I chose it for her seven years ago. See, I loved this color way before it was even a thought for Sherwin Williams. That’s good forecasting my friends.


My Daughter was 11 when I chose this color for her room and now at 18, she still loves it. I also find myself looking at her wall color because I just feel happy when I see it – which helps keep me distracted from the mess on her floor.


So if you love Coral Reef then don’t wait another minute. Use it in you guest bathroom, guest room, sunroom, bedroom or any room in the house that you feel it should belong. Enjoy it!!!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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8 Responses to Coral Reef is a color that will feel great in the home!

  1. Vibrant, warm, and inviting. Those are the adjectives I would use to describe Coral Reef. Great choice for color of the year.

  2. I absolutely love this color.

  3. I adore coral – always have. Before I knew that I would be expecting my third child (a boy), I was about to paint my daughter’s nursery ceiling with a coral color to match the coral accents in her room. Alas, she moved into another room and asked for purple walls. I snuck in some coral storage drawers under her bed, but plan to paint her desk coral (although she asked for “hot pink”). I love your taste and feel for color.

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