What Color Should You Choose if You’re Fighting the Winter Blues?

I’ve seen first hand how the lack of sunlight can cause the “winter blues” aka Seasonal Affective Disorder, for some people. The obvious choice is to change the lighting in your home or the natural choice is to get sunshine but now about the color for inside your home? What would help ward off the winter blues?


This is a very serious health issue and I personally knew someone who had this disorder. It changes your personality – and not for the better. It comes in hot and heavy with depression and it just leaves you with an overall feeling of gloom. This is a horrible way to spend the winter. So what can we do? Change the color of your home.

You can’t hide from the winter months. It’s going to be here year after year but what you can change is how to be ready for it when this dark months come rolling in.

There is just one hue that I’m going to suggest and that’s gold. Why? Because the perfect gold is really hard to find. I know for a fact that gold will change how you feel on the inside when you’re fighting the blues. I lived in  Pittsburgh for 15 years and the long cold winters really got to me. Gold was a lifesaver and I bet my bottom dollar on it.


Just a warning, you have to crazy careful with gold because it can be too green and look putrid, too brown and look dated or too dull and look like baby poop. Yes these are all legitimate ways to describe gold. This is why I’m only suggestion this one gold. Because it’s perfect.

There are so few gold choices that I would recommend and this is one of them. This is of course by Benjamin Moore in the Color Stories collection. There is another gold by Behr which I love and actually used in my Pittsburgh home and looks similar to this but the pricing is more affordable. It’s Gold Buff. Here’s the link so you can look it up and also see what colors will coordinate with it.


My Pittsburgh living room with Gold Buff by Behr

So there you have it. Gold. It’s definitely a feel good, Holistic Color and it will get you through your winter blues.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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6 Responses to What Color Should You Choose if You’re Fighting the Winter Blues?

  1. Good point about gold; thanks for the color recommendation. I pinned it to our “color therapy” board.

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