The Life of A Virtual Designer

As I was in the shower today, I was thinking about my day. I have two Virtual Designs to work on and all these thoughts and ideas were rushing through my mind. I just get so excited when it comes to Virtual Design and Color that it’s almost embarrassing. No, I take that back, embarrassing isn’t the right word. I just laugh at myself because there is nothing more I’d rather do that work on Virtual Color for my clients. I should be proud and I am!


Current Virtual project – sample board

I’ve tweaked my business several times over the years as we all should. I’ve been in the Interior Design world for 30+ years – go ahead and do the math. I started literally right out of High School. That is a lot of experience!

So anyway, once I moved out of New York and then to Pittsburgh, by business took a shift towards drapery design which honesty, was a nightmare for me. Was I good at it? Did the designs come out beautiful? Yes and yes. However, it was not my calling.

I left Pittsburgh and moved to Charlotte in 2007. I again tweaked my business to specialize in just color. It was the best business decision I’ve ever made. I finally pinpointed what I love and that’s color. Hands down with no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

As I learned more about Charlotte I also came to realize that I’m the only Designer in Charlotte who specializes in just color. There are many, many talented Interior Designers here that will offer you the whole kabang or just color if you want it but as far as a business, I’m the only one who is 100% color. Why does this matter? Well I’ll tell you.

I’ve learned over the years that there are clients out there who just want someone to come to their home to help them design a color palette for them and they don’t want to pay a lot of money doing so either. Since I work from a home based office, I save tons of money right there and you can see my prices here on my blog under the “Services” tab. Many if not most of the Designers won’t do that and why? Perhaps they charge a little too much? Maybe they don’t show their prices because they will try to tack on other services so there’s really no one set fee for them. Me, it’s WYSIWYG – translation, what you see is what you get and that’s color.

Now going back to tweaking my business, just this year I tweaked it a little more. The main goal is to be 100% virtual in three years and happily, I’m 90% there. Most, if not all of my clients at this point are virtual. As a matter of fact today, I’m working on Virtual Color for  California and also for North Carolina. Are the days of going house to house to design color palettes gone? I’m working on that. For a little while I will continue to do that since most of my “live” clients are within 8 miles of my home office so it’s hard to say no. I hate to turn down clients who need color help.

I also tweaked my color palettes towards the Holistic lifestyle which I just LOVE! I’ve been getting a tremendous response from clients asking for colors that will change the energy flow in their home. That is just flipping awesome! As color should be, it should make us feel good and be very specific to colors that need to be in our home instead of colors that just look good. This is so hugely important I can’t even say it enough.

“Color should make us feel good. They should be very specific to colors that need to be in our home instead of colors that just look good.

Now let’s talk my graphics. For me, long gone are the graphics that have the pretty picture with the color call outs on the side or bottom. They are literally flooded all over the place and they all look the same! For me, my graphics will now look like this and you can see them popping up in my website and though out my social media’s.


Doesn’t that just look better? Don’t you get a nice feeling when you see this graphic? I sure do and the cool thing about these graphics is I incorporate the Holistic feeling into them by giving them a very specific name with hues to match. No one else designs color palettes this way and it’s really a super nice way to think about color for your home.

To conclude, I also made another decision as I was browsing through facebook. I don’t know about you but I’m just super tired of reading about all the negative posts and the diary like conversations I read from people I don’t even know – it’s a bit creepy and weird. So I am going to limit my social media time and concentrate on my blog right here to provide you with so many angles and insights on color. I have some very exciting plans coming up and I’ll need to focus on color and what people such as yourself want to read and learn about – and I’m good with that. So, this blog will become more diary like for me but with a 100% concentration on color and only color.

Does this all sound exciting to you? Well it sure does to me! Thanks for listening to me ramble and as always, I appreciate all of you stopping by and reading my color rants. I appreciate you!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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3 Responses to The Life of A Virtual Designer

  1. jppickens says:

    Sounds like a plan. You are succeeding, so keep up the good work:)

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