Virtual Color Expert Paints Morristown New Jersey Home

The best thing about Virtual Color Consultations is that anyone can have instant access to a professional Paint Color Expert such as myself. Here are a few AFTER pictures on a project that I worked on with CraftPro Contracting.

The client had just moved to New Jersey from Florida and this is what she had to say about color:

“ I worked with an interior designer in Florida to help pull my ideas together, but have yet to find one in our new town.  I have always found paint selection and determining undertones particularly challenging.”

Those undertones can make or break the look of your home and with a large home, that’s one mistake you don’t want to make. I was very excited to work with this client. She wanted the ever so popular coastal colors. My favorite!

The color I chose in her living room is light, airy and has a feeling that just swooshes you lightly from room to room. With color like this, there is an endless selection of decor that will coordinate with this palette. It’s timeless color.


It’s the heart of the home – the kitchen. It’s where we start our day, cook our food, gather with family and friends and just start to build memories for the home. It’s thee most important room of the home.

Kitchens don’t really have that much wall space so you don’t want anything that will really pop out at you. A soft background color is all you need here.

If you look at the granite you’d say that the wall color and granite were meant to be together. That is a crucial part of kitchen design. You want to feel the color not let it be the first thing you see as you walk in the room. Wall color should be part of the design not the solo act – like teamwork so to speak. All the design elements as a whole works well together. Separately, it’s just color. Together, it’s a great kitchen design. See what I mean? Wouldn’t you just love to make coffee in this kitchen? I sure would.

Also with homes that have open floor plans such as this one, it’s imperative that the undertones are spot on otherwise you’ll feel jarred as you transition from room to room. Oh I can just go on and on about this home! More pics to come soon.


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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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  1. Lovely – great colors!

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