Benjamin Moore Just Has the Best Colors for a Coastal Color Scheme

So I started a huge project in my office, I guess you can call it Spring Cleaning. I’m taking all my color chips and mind you probably have way more than I should, and putting them all in folders alphabetically. As I was going through dozens and dozens of colors starting with Benjamin Moore​, every flipping color is gorgeous! There was maybe one that I said “yuk” and it was some clay color but darn, talk about gorgeous color after color after color. I always knew Ben has awesome hues but it’s not until you’ve been starting at them all day long when the light finally goes on.


For the most part I’ve been using Sherwin Williams because most of my clients say that their painter uses Sherwin Williams and that’s the color palette they want to use. Well I’m not going to do that anymore. Does Sherwin William have nice colors? Yes but I must tell you that their colors are limiting and they only have two decks, the large one that everyone has and the little Concepts of Colors. For me, that is just not enough of a selection. As far as the Painters, well I’m not going to work around you guys. I’m using the colors that are best for my clients and ones that have the best range which will be Benjamin Moore.


Don’t get me wrong, I always use the deck that is best for my clients but always keep their budget in mind and work with them. Most if not all Paint Contractors use Sherwin Williams. They can color match into Benjamin Moore but I’m not a fan of Color Matching and I have a disclaimer on all my invoices stating that.

The thing that Sherwin Williams does that irks me is they have “new” paint decks but all they do is use their existing colors and design a new paint deck around it by grouping them into new ColorMixes. It’s helpful to some degree but I’d rather see a totally new color palette from them at this point. I’ve mentioned this before in a #ColorChat that I had a few weeks ago when I was tweeting about paint brands.


Now taking my point one step further and it’s all about those amazing coastal colors. At this point since 99% of my clients are STILL asking for coastal hues (love it) I have to use the paint deck that is best suited for that and it’s Benjamin Moore. Does Sherwin Williams have enough colors to create a perfect coastal color palette? Not for me. Have I done it? Yes – for years but after a while I wind us using the same colors over and over again.

Benjamin Moore just has a fuller range, that’s all I’m saying. Both paint companies are amazingly good both in color and quality. As far as working with coastal colors, Benjamin Moore just has a tremendous reach into those coastal hues and that feels good to me.


Like I said in the post about paint brands,Valspar is another favorite of mine as far as colors go but still, most clients will not use Valspar because they know the quality of both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. That’s hard to beat.

So what am I trying to say? I’m going to be using Benjamin Moore most of the time because of the full range of coastal hues. If there’s anyone who knows coastal colors if me and I can thank living on Long Island most of my life for that one.

Anywho, keep your more coastal color palettes being posted here and remember, coastal colors are more than just blue and gray 🙂

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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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11 Responses to Benjamin Moore Just Has the Best Colors for a Coastal Color Scheme

  1. Donna,
    I primarily use Ben Moore, as well – for the same reasons you mentioned. Although I have some favorite SW colors, they tend to be too clean and saturated. And although SW has some good neutrals, Ben Moore has a better selection of grayed-down COLORS.

  2. At the paint store we love the new Benjamin Moore “Fresh Pales” brochure redesigned for 2015. The colour choices are beautiful, fresh, and perfect for Spring. And since this brochure picks a few dozen colours from across all fan decks, it’s less overwhelming than sorting through thousands of colours.

  3. Jessica L Nichols says:

    Love the coastal palette you posted–but what are the names of those colors?? I’d love to use some of them in my house remodel! I’m a fan of Ben Moore over Sherwin Williams as well, just from a lot of personal experience painting with both brands. Anyway–any chance you have the color names shown in that gorgeous chart?!

  4. Donna Frasca says:

    Aren’t they pretty? I love them too and just designed that color palette with the right blend of blues, grays and greens. You can find these colors in just about any paint deck but Benjamin Moore probably would be better to capture these hues. I do offer a Virtual Color consult if you’d like the names of these colors I can look them up for you in the paint brand of your choice. Send me an email if you’re interested.

  5. Darla Hesbon says:

    Please send names of coastal colors you prefer and Benjamin moore colors too…new home being built and need to narrow down my color selections…was thinking of using Revere Pewter in open concept entrance and great room which encompasses kitchen dining and living room..Blue Springs in Master bedroom and bath….Quiet Moments in guestroom/my den sitting room….still undecided on smaller guest room and guest bathroom..any suggestions?
    As you can see I prefer soft muted shades of gray with blue and green tones..soft relaxing colors..
    Any help and suggestions would be appreciated…Darla

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please post the names of the color palette

    • Donna Frasca says:

      I don’t usually post the names of my color palettes but if you’re interested in knowing what they are, I can provide that information for you via email at

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