Color Therapy For Your Home Using Healing Rooms

Color as we know can make us feel happy, sad, relaxed, energized and just about any other emotion you can think of, it all depends on what colors we are looking at. What if we designed or designated just one room our home as a “healing room?”  I don’t think I mean painting the walls a certain color because that would vary on what ailment we have to what type of healing we need.

I was thinking that this Color Therapy Room would not have a super neutral wall but with a slight yellowish undertone like Antiquity by Benjamin Moore. Isn’t that a nice color?


 I like this color for several reasons. First it reminds me of my Grandmother’s house. She had a very soft, warm, buttery yellow in her kitchen so this color makes me instantly feel good.

Now look at the words that I wrote inside the graphic. Those are words that come to my mind when I see this color. Whether you realize it or not, you are also “seeing” or feeling words when you look at colors. Take note of those words and that is how you’ll decide what color to make your  Color Therapy Room. 

 So now you have a healing color on the wall that is fairly genetic to most people. That’s a good start. Now what else can you add in a Color Therapy Room? More color!

Here is some artwork that I painted. I love the colors and of course flowers are just always a room brightener.  In this painting I have just about all colors.

Red is a very dominate color here since it’s the subject of the painting. Is red a soothing color? Well to me, not really but it does infuse a little energy in me if I was feeling a bit lethargic from being sick. Not only do you have to have colors that sooth you, it’s also important to have some colors that have a little giddy-up and go.

Purple. Just my favorite color! For the most part I wear purple just to feel great but as far as using it in the home, I’d certainly use it in art or accessories instead of a wall color. Having said that, the only room in the home that I LOVE purple is in the Master Bedroom. Purple is a very soothing color for a healing room and it also is a very Spiritual color which knowing that in itself, is comforting.



Yellow and Orange. Now these are high energy colors as well but also think of the sun. Doesn’t the sun feel good when we see it outside or on our skin? Perfect for a Color Therapy Room. See how this is all working so far?

Green. Green has extreme healing properties and this painting just doesn’t have enough. In this case I’d go for the real thing and add plants, plants and more plants. Which plant would I add? Bamboo. Read that link on bamboo to see all that this plant can do. I bought  my bamboo plant in Lowe’s. They have a decent selection.


Does all this sound a bit obvious to you? You can scour the internet and see the meaning of colors – and those charts help but always keep in mind first and more importantly, how YOU feel when you see and react to color.

Anyway, I think a Color Therapy Room is a great idea and if you don’t have a room in your home to do this, just single out one area. Maybe a little reading nook in your living room or a sitting area off your kitchen somewhere. Just find a place in your home to heal and enjoy color. This is how color is meant to be used folks and it’s all good!

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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