What Does The Best Coastal Color Palette Look Like?

I design a lot of coastal color palettes for my clients and every now and then there’s one that even I say “wow that turned out beautiful!”. I recently designed this color palette for a small home that had some light issues and a very dark wood floor. This color palette was perfect!

I chose a fairly saturated yellow for the living room which was the darkest room of all. This alone will work well and adding the proper lighting, of course, tops it off.

Butting up to the kitchen a neutral off white was chosen so the main focus would still be the living room color.

Gray was the perfect choice for the foyer since it was the first color that you see as you walk into this home and it directs you to the other parts of the home of coordinating colors.

To the left is the dining room which not only had to match the decor that they had in the room but also had to tie in with all these other colors since I started with the living room first.

Blue was a natural choice for the master bedroom and everything finished off with a crisp white ceiling and soft white trim.

These are all Benjamin Moore colors which in my opinion, have the best selection for the coastal color scheme.

  • Please note that this color palette is for sale. It’s $15 a color or $105 for the entire palette to place in your home as you wish. Please send me an email at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com so I can get this information out to you.


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I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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47 Responses to What Does The Best Coastal Color Palette Look Like?

  1. Nancy Otte says:

    Hi Donna. Will you tell me the name of the yellow paint shown above. Love it, love it.

    Thank you

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Isn’t that gorgeous Nancy? That is a color that I designed so it may not exist. I do have a Color Coach service available for $45 that I can give you a list of yellows that may be close to this, just tell me what paint brand you would like to use and I can get that color for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      a paint store will match it for free

      • Donna Frasca says:

        Yes they will, hope you like what they choose for you. Keep in mind you are asking them to look at a digital color palette and they do not have a trained eye. Hope they come close enough and get the undertones correct. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That yellow looks like BM weston flax or windham creme

  3. Thanks ya’ll. That was very helpful. Have a great day!

  4. Heather says:

    Do you know the names of the colors on your color palette?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      All my color palettes have similar colors in both the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint deck. I design all of these myself so they are “custom” but just about every paint deck has similar hues.

  5. claudia says:

    Quiero pintar el frente de mi casa que color me aconsejan

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Claudia, there is a Color Coach charge for that service. It’s only $45 and I can give that color to you in both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Contact me via email for details.

  6. Kate says:

    I love these colors! I have a bi-level house where the entry goes up 7 steps and down seven steps. At the top, it opens to the kitchen, living room and hallway to the bath and bedrooms. I have a really hard time deciding what colors to use or if I should stay with only one color for the entry, living, kitchen and dining rooms. Happy to pay $45.00 for your help ($60.00 Canadian):( email me and sign me up!

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  8. Laura says:

    I need help choosing paint colors for a fixer upper 3bed 2 bath home, how much do you charge? Thank you


  9. Cherie Graham says:

    What about for the bathrooms…guest and master?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      What’s nice about the palettes I design Cherie is that you can mix and match them throughout the house. Even those they are the same 6 colors, they will look slightly different in the rooms because of lighting.

      The bathroom? Well that would depend on what type of flooring, countertop and cabinets you have. I’ve used just all these colors (except the yellow) in bathrooms and they look pretty good, especial the spa blue 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Would you paint a bedroom yellow?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Absolutely! Yellow would be a great color choice for a room that faces North, has limited light or for a cottage or bungalow style home. It’s just really, really hard to find a nice yellow. I lean towards the buttery yellows.

  11. Cynthia says:

    Love this post! Thank you so much! I know what I like but have difficulty thinking outside the box when it comes to using more than one color. I’ve been trying to sell my home and need to update the wall color. Your tips and info are just what I was looking for!

  12. Victoria Campbell says:

    What are the BM color names??

  13. Stephanie says:

    What exactly colors are these? I want the living room and kitchen colors?? ❤ these!! Thank u for sharing!!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Oooh! That would be pretty and these colors are available on via a Virtual Color consultation. Send me an email if you’re interested and they can be signed in just about any paint company you’d like.

  14. GINNY says:

    Hi Donna,
    I love these colors and I believe they are just what I have been looking for. Do you have the names of these colors?
    Thank you,

  15. Carmel-Lynn Ciotti says:

    Please send me the coastal Colour codes perfect for our 800 square foot trailer.

  16. What color is the green?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      That is available via my Color Coach service and will also depend on which paint company you want to work with. If you are interested, please email me from the contact information above. Thank you.

  17. Brenda Sumler says:

    We live in Jackson, Tn and want to paint our walls lighter, in the white family but not white. We have oak wood floors,cabinets. We have bleaker beige, eggshell from porter paints. Want another beautiful color. What do you recommend? Thank you!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      My absolute favorite “white” is Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams. Look at the paint chip and compare it to a white piece of printer paper. You’ll notice it’s a really great, creamy color. I bet it’ll be your fave too!

  18. Sarah S says:

    Do you have photos of the finished rooms in the project?

    • Donna Frasca says:

      No, I rarely get AFTER pictures. I have a new in the GALLERY section on top of this blog but that’s it. By the time my clients get around to painting AND get their home camera ready, I’m not even a thought in their mind. Sad but true.

  19. Kim Bryant says:

    What’s the kitchen color called in the color palette, coastal Benjamin Moore?

  20. Mayor says:

    Pls what is the best colour to paint a male bedroom and what colours combination is the best and what about for lady as well?

  21. Mel says:

    You charge to tell us the color? Am I understanding you right? Or is there another service for this charge? Would you post the color names?

  22. Denise Anderson says:

    What about bathrooms? And bedrooms?

    • Many times I reuse colors in the home Denise. As you may know if you were to use the Living Room color in the LR and also in another room of the home it will look different, either lighter or darker or have a different undertone based on the lighting in the room.

      The colors I have here are designed for homes that have an open floor plan where you can see several rooms at the same time. Here it’s important that the color flow from room to room. The hallways I like to keep light and neutral such as the TRIM color, this way, you can really use any color you’d like in the bedrooms and bathroom especially if they are on the 2nd floor. I hope that helps 🙂

  23. Shelia C. says:

    I love the yellow you have all the color pallets in circles above can you please share what yellow color is… shelia

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