Angel Art. It’s Time To Just Be

Sometimes I have to take a step back and recharge. What drives me to design all these colors? Where do I get my inspirations from? Where do I get energy to create hundreds of color palettes day after day after day?

It’s more than just looking at a picture and being inspired by it’s color and composition. It’s about how certain colors and images make you feel when you see them. You’ve heard me write about this before  in some of my holistic posts from the beginning of the year remember?

Well it’s time to get back to basics and just sit. Quietly. Relax. Images come as do their colors. The words also form according to what I see and feel. It’s a really nice way to design color palettes. It’s not commercial, not promoting myself or a paint company it’s just being.

Come take a look at this graphic that I call a #DownLoad and see how you can incorporate this look into your home.


Keeping the back-to-basics concept in mind, what would you do with these colors? What about the saying? Does it resonate with you? Let’s break it down.

“Rays of light dance in the air.” This clearly is sunshine or the sun rays that you see in the sky. Sun rays are so energizing and inspirational. Don’t you get a nice feeling when you look up and see the sun out or catch a glimpse of the sun rays?

Bring that feeling into your home. Think about pale yellow almost white, just like the pale yellow in this graphic. This color would be perfect for the room that faces North which we know has a tendency to have less light. When I was a kid my room faced North and it was always cold and dark. I painted the room peach and instantly changed the entire feel of the room.

“With dark clouds above I have no fear.” Do you know what this means? Depression. Be careful when you gray in the home. It’s a color that is still trending but if you have emotional issues pair this hue up with a bright color, use a warm gray like I have above or stay clear of it. Gray is one color that I would not have in my home just because it reminds me of somber days. So should you have fear of some colors? Sure. But you can certainly cheer them up by combining them with a great accent and whimsical decor.

“The grounding Cardinal sings as sage blows in the wind.” Red [the Cardinal] is a great color for the home. It’s a power color and a very strong hue at that. Are there limits to using red? Yes. I would be careful with using red in the kitchen only because for me, it has just a little bit too much energy first thing in the morning. And here is where sage comes in – great color for both the kitchen and bedroom, plus it smells really awesome too!

“I block out the world to listen to you.” Oh this can mean so many things right? Since we’re talking about color for the home here – or are we? – let’s just say it’s a really good idea to listen to your Professional Color Expert. We know a thing or two about color and can save you a ton of money from making costly mistakes.

Block out the world? Well don’t do that. It’s a great idea to read and listen to as many Designers as you wish but find one that is a good fit for you and will help you achieve the vision that you have for your home.

Keep an eye out from more #Downloads. I have a series coming up.


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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