Valspar: Great Colors But Poor Quality Paint


Does anyone use Valspar paint? They have some really, really awesome colors HOWEVER, and this is the unfortunate part, the quality of their paint is so very poor!

How do I know this? Most of my house is painted in Valspar but I sacrificed quality to get good color. Look at these colors! Beautiful right? Yes but it took more paint than I needed just for proper coverage. Anyone else have that issue?

Should we sacrifice quality to get the colors we want? We shouldn’t have to!


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14 Responses to Valspar: Great Colors But Poor Quality Paint

  1. susanmp14 says:

    We remodeled our home in 2010 and I picked colors and finishes from Benjamin Moore. I discovered several months after the fact that the painter used Glidden products. I wondered why they were painting several areas over and over. The less expensive products don’t cover and may not have as long a lifespan. However, I don’t know you know the lifespan of a paint other than tiring of the color.

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Oh no!!!!! That is one thing that I stress to my clients. Whoever your paint contractor is, MAKE SURE THEY ARE USING THE PAINT YOU PAID FOR!! They switch all the time and that is just one reason I don’t work with painters anymore. Glidden, nope – would not use it. Sorry that happened to you.

  2. I painted with Valspar for the 1st time today. My lovely front door. The colour was awesome! But the paint was a a nightmare. It would dry as I painted and the finish is all streaky and not smooth! I guess it is an acrylic paint of sorts. After I ruined my door, I went online to see if I was the onlyone and I found this:
    THEN I found these:

    Too late though! But I learned my lesson. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      There are a few things that may have happened here Lynda. Front doors are usually painted a semi gloss which isn’t the easiest to roll out. I know because I just painted my guest bathroom a brown semi gloss and it was streaky as heck and yes, it too was Valspar.

      Also, what sheen was on your door before? Flat over semi gloss? Semi gloss over flat? That makes a huge difference too. I painted my fireplace mantel semi gloss over semi gloss and it was a nightmare! Didn’t want to stay on and even today, years later, still feels tacky. So watch your sheens and ask the Pros at the paint desk what they recommend. Thanks!

  3. Great post Donna. You’re right – paint quality makes a big difference not only in coverage and application but also in durability. One of my favourite waterbased enamels is the Ultra line from Muralo. These latex paints flow out beautifully and are perfect for doors, trim, cabinets, and woodwork. When painting, make sure you use a nylon or polyester bristle brush and apply in one direction. When painting an exterior door, never paint in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. It will make the paint gummy and streaky. Have a great weekend!

  4. joey says:

    YES! I used Valspar and that particular paint required two coats! Never again. I prefer Behr by far.

    • Donna Frasca says:

      To properly paint a room Joey, you should always use two coats of paint, unless you’re painting white on white. There’s such variation with these paint brands – I’ve tried them all 🙂

      • joey says:

        I have never had to use more than two coats to get the right color. Not once. (Except when I had to paint old dark paneling, which makes sense, and then again when I used that Valspar paint! True story.)

        • Donna Frasca says:

          Valspar had a paint line called Signature -not sure if they still have it – but it was SUPER thick. It was designed to cover in one coat but the problem with that is, you had to use twice as much paint because it as so thick.

          I bought a gallon of Signature once, a dark color, and it only covered three walls of my very small office. So two gallons was way too much and one was not enough.

  5. Ted b says:

    I’ve been painting houses for about 20 years and I have never had an issue with the coverage with Valspar paints with the exception of most reds and yellows which common for any paint I’ve ever used because of the base most of them are in.
    I find that usually the reason people have trouble with coverage is bad prep of surface along with people go cheap on roller covers and brushes or get wrong ones for the job they are doing.
    I always used Finner and Hailey till they got bought out by Benjamin Moore and did away with their exterior Storm Plate , I have yet to find an exterior paint that can match that. Interior paint my choice is Sherwin Williams and Valspar. Valspar drywall primer is absolutely the best coverage I’ve ever seen in a primer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I disagree that valspar is poor quality paint.i got beautiful colors and used one can for lots of space.sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience but im very pleased with the color quality and how much area it covered!

    • Donna Frasca says:

      Don’t get me wrong, most if not all the colors in my home are from the Valspar collection. This post was created a while ago and I believe Valspar had adjusted its paint products. I am very happy with the quality and colors, of their paint.

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