Synths: Where Parallel Worlds Create A New Look For The Home


For just this moment, let’s step out of our comfort zone. You’ve seen my blog posts about Holistic Color, Colors That Heal, Colors With Energy and now Synthetic Color aka “Synths”. Have I lost my mind? Well, yes and no.

Let’s back up just a bit. In order to talk about the parallel worlds one should know a little about them right? Right. Let me introduce to you my newest blog called Coffee & Bacon. It has nothing to do with Coffee, Bacon or color but everything to do with me and those parallel worlds. Once you get familiar with the concept of that blog, lets move onto the topic of this post.

Ok, are you still with me? I hope so.

Have you guys seen the AMC series HUMANS? Well it’s a Sci-fi series “set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart.” Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

Well I’ve been watching the series and like anything else, my mind wanders off to color.

  • What would the colors be in the homes of the future?
  • Will we be so tired of following trends and deciding what color to choose that it will just be really simple hues to choose from.
  • Instead of having millions of colors and color combinations will we just have a dozen to choose from and that’s it?
  • Will we even need Designers?
  • Will the entire world eventually be all virtual?

So as these questions go through my mind, I of course have set some color combinations in my mind.

What if the world gets so crazy that our world becomes synthetic and less colorful? What colors we they be? Intriguing isn’t it?

Maybe paint companies will use, and I’ve seen it already before, paint that chances according to the temperature. Taking it one step further, how about if it chances with the lighting? Our moods, with a touch of a button? I guess the possibilities are endless – when you’re in the world of Synths and Sci-fi.

So what will these colors look like? Let’s explore some fun options.

If you look at each individual color that is in this shell, you’ll be looking at the Sixth Sense color palette from Valspar. In that color palette you have a combination of all flat colors that come from something iridescent. Why take color from a luminous inspiration and create flat colors from it? That’s going backwards.


As in keeping the look of both the shell and this bug, iridescence is key.


Imagine if one object could be a multitude of changing colors?


Will the color palettes of the future look like this?


Now that I spoke about the color aspect of “the future” let’s take it one step further and bring in some other senses. Smell.

This is going back to my Holistic approach. Now not only will we have visually beautiful and forever changing colors but how about if they had a scent? Color with aroma.

Come on, let’s imagine here! We’re taking about things that don’t exist yet so let’s have some fun and brainstorm.

Aroma. Wouldn’t it be nice if our “color applications” aka paint, have just about any scent we want? I’m not talking cherry vanilla or pumpkin spice I’m talking about “After the Rain” or “Mountain Top in the Morning” – basically combining a memory with a smell but keeping it nature and holistic.

Touch. How about if our paint colors had a texture. I’m not talking about the Ralph Lauren Suede paint or anything that can be dated in a season I’m talking Holistic. Like:

  • Baby Soft where the paint would have a surface so soft you’d swear it was a newborn.
  • 100% Cotton – but not cotton at all, just the springy, crisp feel of  a just pressed shirt
  • Ice – where your paint is color to the touch, perfect for those hot climates
  • Go opposite with hot – warm walls without the use of electricity but bouncing molecules in the paint to warm it up – like a microwave.

Oh this crazy list can go on and on. It’s fun to imagine what our further will be isn’t it? Think back to when our parents were kids. Try explaining to them what a microwave is or an iPhone. Pretty crazy stuff right?

What is crazy now may be the norm in the future. How is already in our homes and lives?

  • self driving cars
  • self check-out that the grocery store
  • performing procedures in the medical world

Hope you enjoyed this fun post and please bookmark my Angel Hug blog because as out there as that one is, they are all true stores, no sic-fi there.


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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  1. I love sci-fi – these are great ideas (well, maybe not the aroma part, too many of us are allergic, but yes to all the rest!

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