Fall Colors: You May Like These Hues In Your Home Too.


It’s my favorite time of year – color-wise that is. I love the rich, warm, cozy hues of Fall. From the changing leaves to the rich hues of Mums, you see these colors everywhere as the days get cooler.

Spicy orange and rich green instantly add a hug to your home. Holistically speaking, these colors are great for any room. Add some of these pillows to your bedroom and watch as you float away to sleep.

This all sounds very poetic but it’s true. If just looking at these colors makes me write about it like this, imagine how this will feel in the home.

I have quite a few of these colors in my home and it is very cozy, very homey and of course inviting.

Everyone loves different colors and I personally, for MY home, prefer the warmer color palette. I’ve said in several posts here that I’m not a fan of blue or gray in my home BUT I am more than happy to choose the best blues and gray for YOUR home and do just that.

I’ve had a few clients say to me “I know that you don’t like blue but I’d like it in my bedroom”. Do you think that when a designer comes to your home she or he will only choose colors and designs they like? No. That would be a horrible Designer.

We, as Professionals, leave our personal color choices at home. My color preference has nothing to do with what I choose for your home otherwise, it would be the color scheme of these pillows, gorgeous, but not what YOU want.

I’ve been choosing the coastal color palette, blue and gray for years!!! Do I have these colors in my home? No, not one blue, not one gray, not one beige, the only white is on the ceiling and trim and I’d love to change that as well.

Do I have a successful color consulting business and happy clients? Yes. Do I present these colors to them? I present ALL colors to my clients to open their eyes up to all of the color wheel, not just the coastal side.

I know what the trends are, I know what my clients like and I know what I like. Do these worlds ever cross? Some, but my color preferences stay right here in this blog.

The great thing about color is that there are millions of hues to choose from. Everyone likes something different and it’s my job to help you find yours no matter what my color preferences are. That’s how this wonderful world of colors works 🙂

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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