Eating and Decorating With Your Chakras In Mind Part I


Ever wonder why you are drawn to red or blue or green? There’s a really good chance that it’s related to your chakras. Our chakras are energies that make up who we are, how we act and how we feel.

You’ve heard me write about Holistic and Healing posts right? Well it all ties in with our chakras and yes, it also includes the foods that we eat.

eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.002 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.004 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.005 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.006 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.007 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.008 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.009 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.010 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.011 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.012

eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.013eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.014eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.015 eat-and-decorate-with-your-chakras.016

Everything we eat or are drawn to is for a reason. It’s related to our chakras. This is a very big subject so I will be slowly adding titbits about how it all works.

Here I have a chart that shows you where your 3rd eye chakra is. Notice the color? It’s a gorgeous indigo blue. If you’re eating with that chakra in mind, think blueberries, plums and eggplant. All good right? Yum.


If you’re decorating with this Chakra in mind, again, think Indigo or Navy Blue.


More to come on how and why we are drawn to certain colors and how they relate to the chakras.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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