What Color Is Love? The Meaning of Some Lovable Hues

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it brings us to thoughts of love. We think of hearts, flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners, jewelry and anything that gets are heart racing. What about color? What color comes to mind when you think about love?

Red is the obvious choice and pink is a second runner up right? But think, or better yet, FEEL what colors do it for you. Here are a few hues that may get your wheels spinning in a sexy way.

Purple: Purple is a very romantic color. It’s a combination of red and blue which in my opinion, makes it one of the best colors for a Master Bedroom. When you have a man and woman sharing one bedroom, you have to appeal to both sexes. Purple, has red for her and blue for him, a very balanced color when it comes to the likability for one shared space. Is purple sexy? Giggling, I say yes!


Pale Pink and Blue – I know Pantone came out with two colors this year and they were pink and blue. What do you feel when you see these colors? I see the perfect colors for a nursery. The pink for the girl and the blue for the boy right? Sounds old fashioned to think that way but that is the first thing when I think of seeing these two hues. Now move these colors in to the room of an adult and does the meaning change? No. These soft colors still have the same feeling. I have pink in my office, a color very similar to SW 6834 in this graphic and I was totally surprised how I felt when working in my office after changing it to pink. Like purple, some of the pinks are a soft blend of blue and red which again, make it a nice universal color to please both sexes but some will have trouble using such delicate hue in a “man’s space.” Is it sexy? Only if you’re five.


Green – One of my favorite colors to have in the home! Besides the blue sky and the water, green is one of the most popular color on earth. It’s our grass, trees, mountains, plant life and just a hue we think of when we view nature. It represents life in the form of plant life and is a combination of yellow (sun) and blue (sky and water) so what better color to have in the home that represents so much? It’s also the color of our heart chakra that you’ve also heard me talk about. It brings us peace in the home and love in our hearts. You can go bold, minty, sagey, coastal or teeter to the point of turning blue. It’s a color that is loved by both sexes – even though men still name blue as their #1 – it’s soon becoming the new #1. Sexy color? Well, it’s certainly lively and all that energy can be put to good use 😉


Coastal Hues – For the most part, these colors represent a memory for many of us – what memory is that? The beach of course! This particular color graphic is exactly what people think of when you say “beach.” They right away think of vacationing, boating, sand and just chilling by the water. When you attach a certain color palette to a memory, that carries a HUGE amount of feelings and emotions – and in this case – all very good. This is why coastal colors are still very popular in the home. Not only are the great for the staged home  and coordinates with most decors, but from gray to blue, they are just loved by so many. So are costal colors sexy? They are certainly relaxing and when you relax, all kinds of amazing can happen 💜


Brown – another one of my favorite colors. The reason I love brown so much is because it’s a color that can really tie in the home – people just don’t realize that yet. With the floor trend moving towards the darker walnut and even ebony stains, brown is a great color to use as an accent somewhere in the home, to balance out those dark floors. If you walk into a home with coastal colors on the wall (graphic above) and dark flooring, you see a contrast immediately and to me, that’s a little unsettling. If you use brown somewhere else in the home, lets say brown leather furniture, dark brown bookcases or even brown accents echoed somewhere else in the home, you now have  balance. Your eye goes from the floor and will carry up to the higher parts of the home bring bring movement. Another reason I like brown, is that it goes with EVERY color that is already in your home which makes it the perfect neutral. Is it dark? Well yes and many people will not feel comfortable with this mammoth of a hue in their home but trust me when I tell you – it’s another color that feels good. Again, think of nature when you see brown – trees for one – which are planted into the ground and reach up to the air – which is why it’s the perfect color for grounding. Is brown sexy? I say brown is very sexy because to me, confidence is sexy and brown is a VERY confident color.


Gray – Gray is neither here nor there. It’s neither black nor white yet both. It’s balanced because it’s considered “in the middle” so it’s a very indecisive color. I hesitate to use gray in my home because it’s just too lifeless. For me, it would be a great color for a sofa, which I have, because of it’s neutralness, it’s a great backdrop to the other colors I have in my home. I’ve seen homes that are all about white and gray and they do look very striking but as far as how they FEEL, it stops there. Looks nice but feels lifeless. Also a color I avoid for my clients who have depression issues. Sexy? NO.


Red. Right off the bat these colors feel good to me! If I had to be a color, the colors on this graphic would so be me! To have these hues in your home really tells a lot about the people who live there. “This is my home and I love it!” Screams red and notice I said “screams” instead of “whisper?” It’s an in your face color and very empowering. Strong color, strong personalities, and big love and the says a lot about you! Is red sexy? Let’s just say that both RED and HOT are three letter word that also say YES.


Neutrals – color that is barely there. Let’s put it this way. These barely noticeable hues are the ones that I use for hallways and sometimes a small foyer. I used them for spaces that don’t really dictate the feeling in a home but are needed to brighten up a light challenged space. They are soft and quite and are perfect for the spaces that have a lot of colorful decor in the room or for someone who can’t really commit to color. They are safe and play well with other colors but are just too light to make a difference. I know when I do suggest these colors for my Virtual Clients they always come back and say that this direction is too light and is too close to the white trim in the house – so why bother? They do have there place of course but like I mentioned in the description, they are very “young” colors and when they grow up, can be quite colorful – that was a little color humor 🙂 Are neutrals sexy? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


So back to the title, What Color Is Love? It’s any color YOU love and that YOU want to live with. Keep in mind some of the descriptions here next time you choose a color for your room and decide which room or space would be best it.

About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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4 Responses to What Color Is Love? The Meaning of Some Lovable Hues

  1. mystic gitana says:

    Coastal Hues is my pick!

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