The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home

If there is one color palette to have in your home, it’s probably this one. Here’s why.


It seems that everyone is still loving these coastal color palettes and why not?

  • They are soft yet noticeable.
  • You can use this color palette for your forever home or if you’re staging.
  • It has a blue but a happy blue, not too gray, not too ‘nursery.’
  • This color palette goes with most decors.
  • It’s some of the top colors from Benjamin Moore
  • They work well together
  • They FEEL good!
  • They look good.
  • You can mix and match these colors throughout your home
  • There is a nice combo of light, medium and darker hues
  • They are gorgeous!

ABOUT WHITE: See how I have that soft ivory for the trim color? I LOVE that! You may have heard me say it before but I rarely use pure white. Soft whites are so much better!

ABOUT GRAY: I’m not a big fan of gray for two reasons.

  1. I personally think its’ a lifeless color
  2. People with depression issues need to be careful with this hue.

The reason I DO like these grays is because of the undertones – they are warm, not cool. Looking at the grays in the kitchen and foyer area remind of a Morning Dove bird all big, soft and cuddly.

ABOUT YELLOW: Now that Living Room yellow LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that!!!! It’s really hard to find a nice yellow and I’ve mentioned this before. Either it’s too gold too beige or too lemony. The Benjamin Moore yellow I have here – is flipping perfect. Also on a Holistic level, yellow has some really strong healing notes. Next time you’re around yellow, notice how you feel. Don’t you want that feeling in your home?

ABOUT GREEN: The Family Room is color that teeters between gray, blue and green. It’s very versatile and since is can go green, it’s a nice Holistic choice for the rooms where family gathers most. Heart Chakra right?

ABOUT BLUE: Here again, I am so not  a fan of blue but really like the Benjamin Moore blue I have noted for the bedroom color. I’ve been listening to all your posts and comments and most of you love blue and find it very soothing and relaxing. What better color for the Master Bedroom right? Sleep tight with that one 🙂

You now what’s really cool about this color palette? Look at it. You can take any two colors from this palette and they will work well with each other OR next to each other.

Have an open floor plan home? ANOTHER reason this coastal color palette is perfect. These colors transition well from room to room.

Look – you can take ANY of these colors, combine then and get a great color duo. Here are just some. See how you can decorate your entire home with just these colors? Think of all the possibilities!

color-expert-donna-frasca color-expert-donna-frasca-1 color-expert-donna-frasca-2 color-expert-donna-frasca-3 color-expert-donna-frasca-5 color-expert-donna-frasca-6 color-expert-donna-frasca-7 color-expert-donna-frasca-8


Remember to sample out all your colors before you commit to painting. This color palette is available for purchase for $15 for each color. If you would like the whole Benjamin Moore color palette, that will be $105. It’s a really great way to choose color for your home and take the guess-work about of wondering if your choices are right. Remember, undertones can be tricky!

One more note before I finish up here. If you want this color palette but are also looking for a pop color color, think about this:


Send me an email at: if you’re interested in these colors or if you have any questions. Enjoy!


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29 Responses to The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home

  1. Ford Weston says:

    Donna, Would you kindly share the BM names of the colors on your lovely coastal pallette? I do design work for Hatteras Yachts and this combo is superb. Many thanks!

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Ford, as it states in the post, all of my color palettes are available for purchase. Email me if you’re still interested 🙂

  3. yve says:

    Lol You have to pay for color names? Wow There are so many on here that freely share the names. Weird!

  4. Donna Frasca says:

    The other people also have a full interior design business. I just sell color sooooo – understand now? 🙂

  5. Donna Frasca says:

    Well, as a Color Expert, all I sell is color so I am not able to give that information away otherwise I would put myself out of business. I’m sure you understand. Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore would be happy to help you. I’ll be here in case they don’t. Thank you.

  6. sarah says:

    What’s the colors? I don’t see the names.

  7. Donna Frasca says:

    Sarah, if you read the post you’ll know why. “Remember to sample out all your colors before you commit to painting. This color palette is available for purchase for $15 for each color. If you would like the whole Benjamin Moore color palette, that will be $105. It’s a really great way to choose color for your home and take the guess-work about of wondering if your choices are right. Remember, undertones can be tricky!”

  8. matt brew says:

    I agree. I just spent 20 minutes of my life looking for the names of these colors. You could at least post upfront that they must be paid for. 20 minutes of my life!!!!

  9. Donna Frasca says:

    Matt – take an additional two minutes and read the post. You’ll see very clearly that there is a $15 per color charge for the names of these colors. Let me know if you are interested in them.

  10. Pam luebben says:

    I love these colors! Any suggestions for an open great room/kitchen with hickory cabinets and maple floors and trim? I have black appliances. My house faces west, not very light until the sun comes around. Thanks!

  11. Donna Frasca says:

    I’d avoid warm colors and stick with the cooler hues. Maybe try a cool blue like SW 6807 Wondrous Blue?

  12. Sandra Adamson says:

    I have just painted by kitchen in York harbour yellow. My home is a high ranch home now what colours can i use for my living room

  13. Donna Frasca says:

    I would try to tie in some of your decor. I’d really need to see a picture of your room to suggest a color for you but since the yellow is a warm color, continue with the warm undertones. You can go with greens, blues and warm grays but again, this will depend on what’s in your home and what look you want.

    Do you want a bold look? Try an Indigo.
    Soft look? Try a warm gray.
    An Earthy look? Try a deep green.

    Again, see how it’s difficult for me to tell you what color to use if I can’t see your room? Feel free to send me an email if you’d like a color consultation.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Really you are charging for color suggestion — get a life!

  15. Donna Frasca says:

    Well do you go to the Dr’s office for free? Maybe you should be a little nicer and maybe you should get a life. No color for you today? Let me know if you change your mind 🙂

  16. Maria Lacey says:

    I love, love, love the coastal combo with the caramel pop! I’ve been looking for a warmer coastal palette that wasn’t overwhelmingly seafoam, blue, and grey and could incorporate natural wood tones. To see it all brought together so nicely is wonderful. It also proves I’m not nuts–coastal doesn’t have to be cold!

  17. Donna Frasca says:

    My favorite part about this palette is the Carmel pop too! Love unexpected color – thank you so much Maria

  18. Katie says:

    Do you happen to know the paint names/number for this particular palette? TIA!

  19. Donna Frasca says:

    I do, I designed it. This palette is available for purchase. Send me an email at if you are interested.

  20. Mona Mitchell says:

    Donna, I appreciate you sharing your palettes. I find choosing colors so overwhelming and appreciate that you have shared these. I don’t understand why people have become so indignant because you charge for your professional opinion. If they don’t want to pay for it then move on to the next post. Thanks again.

  21. Donna Frasca says:

    Thank you Mona, you are sweet.

    It’s up to them. They have three choices.

    1 – to waste a lot of time and money searching for an overpriced Designer to choose color for them

    2 – to pay nothing and take a chance for a “color consultant” at a box store to just give them the top 5 most popular colors and hope it suits their home.

    3 – I’ll be here for them if they need me ❤

  22. Evi says:

    What gives you the right to charge for BM colours. You do not own the copyright on these. You have simply provided a choice of colors that you like. Anyone can print off the colors and take them to any BM dealer and they will give you the color swatches for free.

  23. Kay says:

    There have been many times I’ve painted a room with a paint chip I thought I loved, only to hate it after it’s on the wall. Picking colors that harmonize from one room to another is not easy and most people do not have an eye for color. Getting professional help makes all the difference in having a beautiful home. $105.00 is not too much to spend to have a tasteful and pleasant color palette. I’ve spent more than that repainting because it just wasn’t right.

  24. Donna Frasca says:

    And that’s the point I try to make – I KNOW how these colors look together AND in homes. I’ve been using them for a really long time and feel very confident that everyone would love these palette as well.

    Let me do the hard work for you 🙂

  25. Donna Frasca says:

    And you are correct so print away! By the time these colors run through your laser printer and the “not so well calibrated” color matcher at the paint store you are going to get a pinky beige, muddy green, pukey blue and a peachy yellow. OR, you can purchase this beautiful color palette and not have to take an expensive chance of painting your house with the wrong colors. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you 10% off this color palette to help you out 🙂

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  28. Jessica says:

    Hi Donna I emailed you personally

  29. Donna Frasca says:

    I saw it – I saw it late last night. Check your email today 🙂

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