Get Your Color Inspiration From Art

Did you all know that I’ve been painting since I was 10 years old? Now you do. I find it extremely relaxing and this is how I started my color career. It’s how I learned how to get certain colors buy mixing two or more together, self-taught you can say!

I’ll be showing your more and more of my paintings to show you how color works – and doesn’t. That’ll be fun right?

Today, I’d like to start with “Two Bridges Golf Course, Augusta Georgia.”

Two Bridges Golf Course at Augusta Georgia

This oil painting is so out of my comfort zone. Although I started painting in oils, it’s not my preferred medium – I love using acrylics.

The reason I painted this is because I wanted to try to do something golf related. Two Bridges Gold Course at Augusta Georgia is crazy popular  – Google it and look at the images if you’re not familiar.

Anyway, I tried it and although I LOVE doing landscapes, this one was too “tight” for me. I prefer more openness and freedom of the brushstrokes which have more feeling to it – and you know I’m all about the “feelings” lol.

This painting is for sale and like I said, one-of-a-kind – I will never attempt this one again so it sells for $555 plus shipping, frame included. If you’re interested in it, just send me out an email and we can chat about it.

So, onto color. I LOVE the colors that are in this painting. Here, I featured some of the colors that stand out most.

two bridges golf course at augusta Georgia


Here you have 5 main colors taken right from the painting but where they intersect, you have at least a dozen more. THIS is how I love choosing colors for homes!!!!

When I design a virtual color palette I start with a concept like this. I use a color inspiration from my client and build from there. All the colors are released and ensure the undertones are the same. This is a 100% guarantee that your colors will work – with each other.

The next step after coming up with a color inspiration such as this is to find that colors in the paint deck that the client wants to use. For example, like the first blue on the top left? That could be Misty Blue 820 from Benjamin Moore.

There are SO many colors in this circle graphic! You would have enough color choices for your entire home just from these four main circles.

Isn’t that cool how this works? This is how I do my virtual color consultations my friends so if you are looking for color for your home, just send me a photo or graphic that you like and that is how we start.


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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