Have The Winter Blues? Add Gold To Your Home

I can’t tell you how gold saved my life! I lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years and the winters were no joke. The Fall/Winter seasons were long and gray and if you had depression issues, you were in for a VERY long Winter.

Gold will cure those winter blues

I kid  you not when I say that Gold Buff from Behr saved my life. It was instant happiness on the walls.

To complicate matters for this room, I had an aqua sofa and there are only a handful of colors that would work and beige and taupe were not an option for me.

Now I know that a lot of people don’t like gold. It’s been a challenge to try to get my clients to even consider this color for their home. It seems most people have a bad memory of gold from the 70’s attached to it but it’s all about how you pull it together.

Also keep in mind the age of your home. My home shown here was built in 1926 so the decor reflects the feel of the home. I didn’t want any modern decor or contemporary accessories. I wanted the decor to bring out the beauty of the home and just have it fit well together. Trust me when I tell you this room was cozy!

So if you find yourself feeling the blues this winter, certainly stay away from the cool blues and grays and warm your home up with colors of the sun. It will work wonders!

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2 Responses to Have The Winter Blues? Add Gold To Your Home

  1. I love that you have “real” woodwork and didn’t paint it!

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    I know!!!! That house had beautiful cherry wood and there was no way I was going to paint that. I can see if the house had a low grade wood that is meant to be painted but cherry – no way. IMO, would does NOT ever get painted.

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