Sea Salt Is A Perfect Holistic Color For The Home

The great thing about Sea Salt is that it’s not green, it’s not blue and it’s not gray. It’s all those these hues together that create a very Holistic color choice for the home.

Sea Salt is the perfect Holistic color for the home

Sure Sea Salt is a very popular color and you’ve heard me rage about it before but it’s popular for a reason.

Look at the color. How do you feel? Look at the pillow? How does that make you feel?

Your blood pressure should have dropped a few numbers just looking at this graphic. Why? Because of the color.

Sea Salt, and any hue close to it, has a very calming effect. You’ve seen it at the ocean which is why the coastal colors are STILL so popular.

The dragonfly alone represents a freedom and beauty that calms. Think of the times when you were in your garden and one landed really close to you. That made you smile didn’t it?

Well bring THAT feeling into your home. Bring that memory into your home. Yes the color of a real dragonfly is different from what is show here but that’s not the point. The point is what decor and color should or can we bring into the home to get that peaceful, calming, happy feeling.

This is a good start.


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6 Responses to Sea Salt Is A Perfect Holistic Color For The Home

  1. susanmp14 says:

    So pretty.

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Thank you 🙂 Soothing right?

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  5. Julie says:

    I like your ideas because you analyze the psychology of it.

  6. Donna Frasca says:

    Well thank you! There is so much more to color than meets the eye … and I like taking it one step further and deeper 😉

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