Having Bad Color In The Home Is No Joke

There is nothing funny about having an ugly room. As we all know at this point, when we SEE an ugly color, we sure FEEL it don’t we. What do you feel when you see this room? Nauseous?



Oh there is so much wrong with this room!!!! Bad curtains, bad furniture, too symmetrical and most of all, bad color. My cats wouldn’t even want to sit in this room.


So what is one to do? To start with, change the color. I know it’s expensive to change window treatments and furniture so that may have to stay until your budget allows. Meanwhile, buying a gallon or two of paint is certainly more affordable.

How do you start choosing color for this room? Time to get my color circles out! It all starts with what you like.

classic coastal color for the home

This coastal color palette is a really good place to start.  Here we have a  little bit of blue, green, lavender and gray – something for everyone. Minus the lavender, all these colors would work in this room.

You have a dark floor that will have a nice contrast with these colors. The curtains are white so luckily they will go with everything and there is a neutral sofa so that too is perfect. I would however get rid of that awful coffee table and those chairs. Oh I wish Benjamin Moore would update their room scenes!


I would even throw some color on the sofa with some nice pillows.  This pillow would be perfect with any of the colors in that palette but again, not if you chose the lavender.


Here are some other popular Sherwin Williams colors that would also do this room a world of good if you love the blues.

How about if you want to keep your walls neutral or have to keep them white because you rent? Then forget the wall color and start furniture shopping. Here, you can bring in all kinds of yummy color especially if you have the option to choose your own fabric.


So my point is this. Don’t fool around with bad color. If you don’t like a room in your home, change it. Now is the time to start your Spring Home Improvements!


About Donna Frasca

I am an energy that has found a new vibration and frequency. Through many years of writing, learning, and experiencing, I've found comfort in trusting in myself and in Spirit.
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