Hospitality Hues; What Colors Will Help Us Heal?

When you go to the hospital things are scary enough. The surroundings are strange, it smells bad and visually, it’s just cayotic. Wouldn’t it be nice if hospitals really took the time out to choose the right colors for their rooms – healing colors to be exact.


the perfect coastal colors

Is it coastal colors that we want to see in the hospital? Should we be surrounded by the blues and greens to help us “calm?”



What about colors that are barely there so they just blend instead of grabbing our attention? Would that feel good?

yellow is the color of healing and joy

Or what about warm hues that remind us of the sun? That should feel good right?


Or may be just youthful colors to bring us back to a fun time and place such as our childhood?



or the colors of yesterday to tap into a memory of house and home.



or should hospitals and doctors offices have just one generic color thought out? How many times have we seen this pukey shade of green right? Horrible.


THESE are some colors I’d like to see in our Doctors offices and Hospitals – color – all colors.




When will hospitals dive deep into the Holistic approach? You may not believe it just yet but color has that power. The power of visuals, the power of color.

I’d also love to see Healing Rooms where people are placed in rooms of color to heal. Yea this is out there but who knows, maybe one day when medial expenses get so high and people can’t afford to get sick maybe they’ll start self-healing at home to keep themselves in good health. Color, try it – it works.

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